Is exploring the world and being your own boss on your cards? You can pursue your passion and turn it into your livelihood. 

The boom of the digital era, and the advent of social networking sites, have led to the removal of the need for a physical store. And guess what, some are even potent enough to take you to your dream locations too.

Though a word of caution, it is not for the faint-hearted ones. Owning a business and traveling needs serious dedication and hard labor. If you are willing to bite the nail, then this article can shed some light on this aspect.

Travel blogger

If you have a knack for writing and the camera is your friend, then being a travel blogger can make all your traveling dreams come true. 

A blogger’s job can be exciting with a chance to create helpful guides, provide recommendations to future travelers, explore new cities, provide tips on various travel portals, and take interesting photos.

But before you delve into it, you should realize blogging can be tedious and time-consuming. It can take years for you to establish yourself as a travel blogger of repute and start earning from it. However, once you are there, be rest assured that you get to travel while someone else foots your bill.

If you are someone who is good with the camera but struggles to pen down your thoughts, then you can be a vlogger too. The rise of YouTube has led vlogging to be a lucrative business. Create content relating to attractive tourist spots and traveling the world.

Traveling Assistant

People of stature like celebrities and politicians often need personal assistants. This set of professionals help their employer when they embark on a tour relating to business or speaking events across various countries. 

Another development worth mentioning is the rise of virtual assistants. They are in high demand due to their capacity to work remotely and aid businesses that aim to cut down regular payroll costs.

If you have the zeal and are passionate about problem-solving, time management, and organization, then you can make your agency. Personal assistants or such traveling companions are often responsible for 

  • Arranging travel and accommodations,
  • Coordination with other staff members,
  • Running errands,
  • Managing schedules

Indigenous and Handicraft Items Collector

If you have lived amid a rich culture all your life and have a fair share of knowledge about the various indigenous and handicraft items in your region, you can be a collector. 

The pandemic has led to the onset of changes that no one anticipated before. Most of the hospitality and tourism industry is still under restrictions. Under these circumstances, people who have not stepped out for long are eager to get a feel of the tourist destinations.

You can choose to curate such products and make a bundle offer for them. The rise of e-commerce post the pandemic can help you to reach your potential customers easily. Logistics for such a business can be a nightmare if you do not take the proper steps from day one.

Proper packaging of the consignments with labels can help efficiently track the shipments from your warehouse to last-mile delivery. A print and apply labeler can prove to be handy for such a job. 

This integrated labeling solution can allow you to print and apply labels immediately. You can apply them easily to products, totes, cartons, pallets, and cases. Thereby ensuring you cover a large variety of product sizes. It can produce clear and crisp labels, ensuring reduced errors when scanning barcodes.

Traveling Event Planner

Event planners are typically responsible for planning professional meetings and corporate events. The travel arrangements and accommodations of the invitees are their responsibility. It includes the catering options too.

If you are good at networking, organizing, and people management, then you can travel around the world to plan other’s events. The scope of such a profession is endless. Traveling event planning can open up larger-scale events and even more travel opportunities in the long term. 

So start reaching out to your friends in the hospitality industry and make enriching and fruitful networks. A well-spread network of hoteliers, restaurateurs, travel agents or agencies, logistics companies, and entertainers can help you spread your wings sooner.

In conclusion, being a travel buff can help you earn in a lot more ways than you know. Having the proper knowledge and being a tad more informed can help you earn even in such desperate times. Improvisation, agility, and the zeal to put on the same hard work every day are of course the key to sustain.