From the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu to the long days hiking to Everest Base camp, resting is an element often missed on a trip to Nepal. Yet, a few days away from the trail or the sensory overload of a new city can be restorative and spiritually fulfilling. Enter The Dwarika’s Resort, the sibling of the famed Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu which, offers mindful relaxation less than an hour from the city. During a night or two at the resort, you’ll enjoy everything from healthy local food to yoga to walking meditations.

The Resort

John Muir quote on the grounds of the Dwarika’s Resort. Photo by Sarah L. Knapp.

The resort is based in Vedic philosophy and Ayurveda meaning that everything from your meals to the daily schedule of activities is crafted with ancient wisdom in mind. Talk a break as you walk the grounds to ponder an inspirational quote displayed on the tree, or get a nutrition consultation from the on-site Ayurvedic doctor. Every day, a new scarf is given to each guest representing the color of the day to influence the guest’s moods.

Local and Seasonal Meals

Photo credit: Dwarika’s

While a breakfast buffet is included in the cost of the rooms, lunch and dinner are purchased at three on-site restaurants: Nature’s Flavors Restaurant, Japanese inspired Mako Zen, or the Poolside Ananta Restaurant. Nature’s Flavors offers the most traditional Nepalese food such as Dhal Bhat with local, seasonal ingredients coming from the Dwarika’s own farm.

Foodies can even join a farm tour to see where many of the ingredients come from before settling in to the expertly crafted meals.

Meditation, Yoga, and Pottery

Crystal Room Dwarikas - 1
Crystal House. Photo by Sarah L. Knapp

The challenge at Dwarika’s Resort is balancing the desire to join every single activity and taking the time to relax. Yoga and meditation are sprinkled throughout each daily schedule with specialty events like sunset yoga and a guided sound meditation in chakra chambers. As meditation comes in many forms, the tactile will enjoy the painting and pottery classes offered as a way to mentally relax while still keeping your hands busy.

Those looking to get away from schedules can wander the grounds and find everything from a crystal house to an infinity pool to a meditation maze.

Staying at the Dwarika’s Resort

Outdoor living room in a Dwarika’s suite by Sarah Knapp

40 suites are spread out throughout the grounds of the resort and each include both an indoor and outdoor living room – meaning you can lounge outside in comfort.

The natural fiber linens and plush beds would be a delight to sleep on in any circumstance, but for those coming from a trek, the accommodations feel especially luxurious.  With natural soaps, deep bathtubs, and various tea options, an entire day could be spent reading a book and relaxing in your suite.

Insider Tips

For a day trip from the resort, hike to Namobuddha, the Buddhist monastery about 12 kilometers south of Dhulikhel. The inside of the main temple is astounding with gold and intricately decorated ceilings, walls, floors and an alter. Outside, the buildings’ architecture, the views and the miles of flags just enhance the visit. Taxis wait at the entrance to the monastery so it’s easy to hail a ride back but expect rocky roads and a slow drive.

Potential visitors should also know that Dwarika’s Resort is on a mountainside and requires the ability to walk up and down many stairs.

How to Get to Dhulikel from Kathmandu:

Take the bus from Kathmandu’s Ratna Park or Dwarika’s can set up a car from their Kathmandu location.