Early Bird

The town’s first dedicated espresso house just opened to great fanfare, as if you didn’t already have enough reasons to visit Frenchtown, with its cute shops, great bike paths, and laidback vibe. The brainchild of proprietors Patrick and Kimberly Legin, Early Bird is a cool space, with its decidedly minimalist SoHo vibe and the best barista for miles (that would be […]

Frenchtown setting

Although Frenchtown has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1994, chances are you haven’t heard of this sleepy little hamlet. Nestled 1.3 square miles along the verdant Delaware River, just over an hour from Manhattan, Frenchtown should top your list of places to visit this summer.


The secret appeal of the Catskills for outdoor-loving, retreat-craving travelers is its location. Not only is it easy to get to by bus, but once you arrive, you never have to leave. Whether your home base is a campy chic hideaway or a hip new hotel in the heart of town, here are two perfect […]