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A Sweet Cause: 1st Annual Brooklyn Bake Off for NY Cares

Cupcake bake offWhat: 1st Annual Fierce & Sweet Benefit Bake Off

When: Sunday, Oct 11th 1-4 p.m.

Where: East River Bar, Williamsburg

Why: Move over buffets. cook-off’s are the new cheap-eat spots in town. And for those craving sweets, the first annual Brooklyn bake off is coming to a New York River near you.

This Sunday, nearly 20 bakers will heat up their ovens for a contest with noble intent. On behalf of non-profit New York Cares, members Katie Hustead and Hayley Downs co-organized the bake-off as an alternative fundraiser to the organization’s bigger events. “We wanted something accessible, rowdy, fun, and eclectic,” said Hustead. “What started as a small event in our backyard has grown into a mix of our friends and professionals who love to bake.”

The pair has signed on celebrity judges from the local culinary scene in New York. Julia Jurgensen, executive pastry chef at Dressler in Williamsburg, said, “The perfect dessert is the simplest of pleasures. I’ll be looking for something to really surprise me. Plus, I love to support the effort to make desserts from scratch.”

Nick Suarez, chef and competitive cook-off guru said, “I like events that foster the competitive spirit among chefs. The fact that this is organized for New York Cares, is just icing on the cake. I have a soft spot for key lime pies and strawberry shortcakes.” (Take note chefs!)

Cost: $20, all proceeds go to New York Cares.

How To Get There: Take the F to the J/M. Exit at Marcy Avenue near Broadway and Havemeyer St. Head West on Broadway towards S. 8th until you come onto S. 6th Street at 97 S. 6th. For more information see fierceandsweet.com.