Top Destinations and Thrifty Tips for Gamers Exploring New York City

Gamers Exploring New York City
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There is an opinion that gamers are not interested in anything other than games. Of course, avid nerds play a lot, especially fans of the game World of Warcraft. This is not surprising — once you enter the world of Azeroth, it is impossible to tear yourself away. There are so many challenging activities in the game, ranging from simple leveling up to epic battles in battlefields, arenas, and various dungeons and raids. 

Constant patch updates and the release of new raids such as Amirdrassil require constant honing of your skills. Many players even order things like WoW carry boost to make it easier to complete new content. But gamers don’t live by games alone. They, like everyone else, love to travel to the most beautiful cities in the world, and New York comes as no exception.

In NY, they can meet with local Warcraft and World of Warcraft players, find new teammates, and discuss strategies. It is a good way to become a part of the gaming community and make new friends that play their favorite game! However, one thing this metropolis is not synonymous with is accessibility.

Top Destinations for Gamers Traveling to New York City

New York City, a bustling hub of eclectic attractions, culture, and entertainment, has carved out spaces tailored explicitly for the gaming community, offering a thrilling mosaic of experiences. As an avid gaming aficionado and New York City enthusiast, diving into these gaming destinations can be nothing short of an exhilarating adventure.

Nintendo New York

Snugly nestled in the heart of Rockefeller Center, stands tall as a beacon for ardent Nintendo devotees. This two-story marvel is more than just a store; it’s a veritable sanctuary adorned with a cornucopia of Nintendo-themed merchandise and demo stations showcasing the latest releases. The aura here buzzes with a blend of excitement and nostalgia as visitors plunge into a sea of classic titles or explore the allure of new gaming realms.

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This place is a delightful fusion of gaming and nightlife, presents a quirky and fantastic fusion of craft beer and vintage arcade cabinets. Spanning several locations across the city, this establishment casts a spellbinding charm with its retro vibes. The tantalizing prospect of sipping on artisanal brews while immersing oneself in the pixelated worlds of Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter lends an electric and whimsical aura to the entire experience.

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Waypoint Cafe

Ensconced in the vibrant tapestry of Manhattan, beckons both the casual and the hardcore gaming enthusiasts alike. It’s an intimate sanctuary resonating with the echoes of button mashing, joystick flicks, and camaraderie. Here, patrons find respite in cozy nooks, surrounded by high-end PCs, consoles, and an array of board games. The café’s spirit thrives on hosting gaming events, spirited tournaments, and LAN parties, uniting diverse souls bonded by their love for gaming.

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Chinatown Fair

Step into Chinatown Fair, a hallowed ground steeped in history within the NYC gaming domain. This arcade, once closed in 2011 and resurrected in 2012, stands resilient, preserving the essence of both retro and contemporary gaming. Its timeless allure draws gamers of every stripe, offering a vibrant palette of classic and modern arcade games that beckon gamers from all walks of life.

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The Uncommons

Tucked away in Greenwich Village, The Uncommons stands as a haven for board game enthusiasts amidst the vibrant landscape of New York City. Unlike traditional gaming venues, this welcoming space boasts a vast collection of over a thousand board games available for play. The Uncommons is a mecca for those seeking a break from digital screens, offering an extensive library of tabletop games from classics to modern favorites.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted by cozy vibes and a buzz of excitement as gamers dive into an array of strategy games, card games, and tabletop adventures. The venue’s eclectic ambiance is complemented by a café offering delectable snacks, coffee, and drinks, fostering an inviting environment for gaming sessions that can stretch for hours.

With board games ranging from the beloved Settlers of Catan to more intricate titles like Gloomhaven, The Uncommons caters to diverse tastes and skill levels. The helpful staff is always ready to recommend new games or teach the rules for those unfamiliar with particular titles. Patrons can gather around tables, engage in epic battles of wit, form alliances, and strategize in a friendly and communal setting.

From casual gaming nights with friends to competitive showdowns among seasoned players, The Uncommons encourages social interaction and fosters an inclusive space for gamers of all stripes. Whether seeking a relaxed afternoon of exploration or a thrilling gaming marathon, this unique spot in the heart of Greenwich Village invites players to roll the dice, draw cards, and create unforgettable gaming memories in the midst of New York City’s dynamic landscape.

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Thrifty Tips for Gamers Visiting NYC

A short trip to the Big Apple can quickly become expensive. But fear not — there are a couple of tricks that can help you cut down on your travel expenses. So, if you’re a gamer looking to see something new and expand your circle of gaming contacts, our guide will provide you with all the tips for an affordable New York City getaway.

#1 — Take the Train from the Airport

If you are planning a low-cost vacation in New York, then you should forget about taxis. Let’s look at the cheapest way to get from the airport to Manhattan instead.The cheapest option is to take the AirTrain and then transfer to the subway, which costs $7.75 per person. It takes roughly an hour and a half, which is slightly longer than the usual cab ride (50 minutes). 

#2 — Go for Low-Cost Hostels or Sleeping Stations

Naturally, finding a place to stay is the first task for any visitor to New York. Although this city is known for its pricey hotels, there are still some less-priced spots as well. For less than $90, you can get a room at Parkwood Inn & Suites, which is conveniently close to the priciest tourist destinations. Chic flophouses in West Village and Harlem, like The Jane, are also reasonably priced (at least by Big Apple standards). Big-name lodgings like the Comfort Inn Prospect Park in Brooklyn or La Quinta Long Island City are safe choices outside of Manhattan.

#3 — Look for Free Activities

There are plenty of free activities and tours in New York City. Sun-filled views of Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights, and the Statue of Liberty can be enjoyed during early morning walks across the Brooklyn Bridge. Both the National Museum of the American Indian and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, which has an extensive permanent collection of musical instruments, clay heads, and reliefs, are free to enter. Additionally, you can always look for some alternative ways to spend a cheap vacation in New York.

#4 — Go for Cheap Pubs and Cafes 

In New York City, food is where your money goes the furthest. Street carts set up shop on Midtown corners in the morning, serving customers anything from Turkish eggs to breakfast tacos to hot coffee, all for a few bucks, to cater to the construction workers and office drones. Even cheaper and just as wonderful is a warm, toasted bagel with spring onion or vegetable cream cheese for a delicious start to the day. 

When it comes to quick food, nothing beats New York pizza. You can buy a slice or a whole pie from the many pizzerias scattered across the city, and it’s reasonably priced. Similarly, Coney Island’s Nathan’s Famous hot dogs are a hit with patrons. Inexpensive dining establishments in the city serve food from all around the world. Visit Nom Wah Tea Parlor for dim lunch in Chinatown or Xi’an Famous Foods for lamb dumplings. 

#5 — Find an Area of Greenery

Spending an afternoon at one of the lovely parks in the Big Apple won’t cost you a thing. The greatest of them all is Central Park. Choose the path that passes by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, around the lake and the boathouse, through Sheep Meadow, and past the Bethesda Fountain. Another worthy spot to go to is Prospect Park in Brooklyn and Long Meadow, which is just perfect for picnics, and the recently renovated Concert Grove Pavilion. Don’t forget to take a stroll around Brooklyn Bridge Park as well. 

#6 — Get Broadway Show Discounts

It is a good idea to get Broadway tickets with a discount. Visit the TKTS booth in Times Square for cheap same-day or next-day tickets. Prices start as low as $30 on the TodayTix app and can be booked weeks or months in advance. Pick them up from their pleasant, red T-shirted personnel outside the theater before the show.

#7 — Use Public Transit Wisely

Although those yellow taxis are well-known among Hollywood celebrities and rich people, they are not that cheap (obviously). So instead of paying sky-high for a taxi, familiarize yourself with New York’s public transportation system. The subway is fairly large and simple to use. So if you’re an active tourist, getting an unlimited ticket is worthwhile. You can get a MetroCard for $34 and ride the subway/ buses as much as you want for seven days. A good alternative to the comprehensive tour is embracing the no-cost experience of the Staten Island Ferry, providing awe-inspiring vistas of the Statue of Liberty. 

#8 — Shop Smart

Avoid impulse purchases by window shopping and waiting 30 days before buying anything over $30. You can also find affordable clothing at thrift stores and consignment shops. New York City has many discount stores, such as Century 21, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls, where you can find designer clothing and accessories at a fraction of the retail price. On top of that, many stores offer coupons and discount codes that you can use to save money on your purchases. You can find these online or in-store.

When it comes to grocery shopping, then it is best to shop at farmers’ markets. They offer fresh, locally grown produce at affordable prices. You can find farmers’ markets throughout the city, such as Union Square Greenmarket and Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket.

Ready for Your Trip?

New York is one of the most prominent cities that almost everyone dreams of visiting. Even high prices do not stop millions of tourists from making this dream come true. If you are one of them, then now you know how to get the max value from your tourist budget. Follow our tricks and save your money as much as possible to fully enjoy the splendor of the Big Apple without overspending.