There has always been something about a ride along the Hudson that draws people in from all over the world. 

Personally, I think it’s all about the Lady. 

Established in 1945 Circline opened hosting to sightseeing tours around Manhattan.

Boat Tour in new york city
Photo by Faith Rein

We chose to take the Harbor Lights Sunset Cruise 

Picking the perfect warm evening reaching the 80s spending a Thursday on the Hudson worked out well. 

My love for this city can be caught by the many views. Flying into NYC continues to take my breath away. Reminding me of the vast greatness, power, and beauty.

It’s about the Lady in the Hudson. Representing more than NYC more than the US but liberty, and freedom. 

Boat Tour Cruise in NYC
Photo by Faith Rein

I am reminded of my grandmother’s first vivid memory at 3 grasping her mother’s hand on the ship deck from Scotland to America.

This city has been my home for most of my life. 

Circle Line tours was my 3rd-grade trip. The thing you suggest to tourists but may never do yourself. 

True NYers don’t do the tourist thing. 

Boat Tour Sightseeing Cruise in new york city
Photo by Faith Rein

Boarding the NYC Boat Tour Sigthseeing Cruise 

This was something I was excited to do.

We boarded the Brooklyn ship added to the fleet in 2009 along with the hundreds of tourists and others like me. Premier seating on the top deck on a warm summer evening was the best seat in town. 

As corny as tourist events in the city I confess I secretly love it. I’ve done the jump on jump off the bus, and taken the elevator up the empire state building. Whispered in the secret corners at Grand Central. Taking the circle line tour is one experience I can’t recommend enough. 

Sightseeing Cruise in NYC
Photo by Faith Rein

The Sunset tour travels out of Pier 83 on 42nd Street and travels downtown with our amazing tour guide pointing out the building and landmarks and telling us some lesser-known stories. 

Hearing about our neighbor NJ and some of their historic sights.

Going down along the west side past Chelsea. The Freedom Tower. Then around the end of the Island of Manhattan ride up along the east side just slightly past LIC and the Chrysler Building.

Boat Cruise in NYC
Photo by Faith Rein
boat Sightseeing Cruise in NYC
Photo by Faith Rein
boat Sightseeing Cruise in new york city
Photo by Faith Rein

Just in time to capture a semi-Manhattan hedge. 

 Looping back down and around to catch the perfect sunsetting as the backdrop of Lady Liberty. 

An icon of freedom, The Statue of Liberty has welcomed all who have come to New York Harbor for the past 132 years.

Everything about her has meaning here are just a few fun facts.

The book she carries features the date our Declaration of Independence was signed (July 4, 1776), while the seven points of her crown symbolize the seven seas, the seven continents, and the rays of the sun. This image is meant to convey the hopeful spread of liberty around the world, and the example the U.S. was setting for other countries.

Even her foot placement has her in movement.

She’s marching forward, moving towards the horizon, forever leading the way, and lighting the path to liberty and freedom. 

This is feeling a feeling of patriotism and a representation of hope for all who see it.

This was a 2-hour tour with comfortable seating cocktails and snacks available for purchase. 

Boat Tour in NYC
Photo by Faith Rein

A trip worth taking. 

The staff was great informative and welcoming to all. 

Visitors to our great city need to put this on their list of Must Do. 

A great bargain and many options for the best tour on the water.

Circle Line offers 7 tours which you can find here.

Taking the circle line tour is one experience I can’t recommend enough. 

No better way to see Manhattan and see a great lady. She looks fabulous.


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