5 Beautiful Architecture Tours in NYC You Should Take

Beautiful Architecture Tours in NYC

Searching for a few memorable architecture tours in NYC? You reached the right place. There are hundreds of thought-out walking, boat, museum, restaurant, graffiti, and other tours throughout New York City’s most peculiar neighborhoods. 

Tourists and as well as locals are always looking for new routes to explore the city’s rich history astonishing either at night time or during the day. An architecture tour in NYC is an opportunity to spend an unforgettable day and see new buildings and other achievements of urban planning, and city development.

So, if you are interested in learning more about NYC here are offMetro’s 5 amazing architecture tours for you with a special focus on modern building design.

5 Architecture Tours in NYC You Should Take in 2021:

1. Manhattan at Night by Boat

This tour is dedicated to Manhattan, looking splendidly even from dusk till dawn when you depart from Chelsea Pier. After the opening of Brooklyn Bridge with fireworks, architects and lighting designers present their work in a special way. 

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Today the lights of the “The City of Neon And Chrome” are especially impressive, because modern designers use a complex set of light sources, numerous shades, and even sophisticated software to work with these lighting systems. It may be hard to believe but the Statue of Liberty is even awe-inspiring at night lit by lights.

Time: approx. 2-3 hours in general


Architecture Tours in NYC2. Around the Island of Manhattan on a Yacht

Traveling along the Hudson, East, and Harlem rivers on board the yacht you are enjoying “swing bridges,” often considered minor-league in comparison to Brooklyn Bridge but still breath-taking. What to prefer: the view from the rear deck in a room with a controlled climate, or breathing in the fresh air on the outside deck – the choice is yours. 

The yacht passes under all 18 bridges of NYC, providing excellent views of architecture, parks, and infrastructure: Chrysler and Woolworth buildings, Ellis Island, and Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Park.

Time: approx. 3 hours in general

3. TriBeCa Architecture by Walk

If you’re curious about TriBeCa, one of the oldest and richest neighborhoods in The Empire City, you will admire the historic buildings and almost 400 years of the island’s history during this tour. Residents of the city will get a new look at this area, and tourists will learn how it has transformed from agricultural land into a district of celebrities. The tour includes the Ghostbusters’ fire station and over 15 more locations.

Time: approx. 2-3 hours in general

Architecture Tours in New york city4. Flatiron and Union Square Tour

A walk through two of New York’s most scenic districts, Flatiron and Union Square, lets you enjoy food and architecture at the same time. Caffe Lavazza, a famous handicraft shop of Italian cuisine, is a special place made for foodies who will appreciate the classic New York pastrami sandwich. 

Another small place was opened back in 1929 and still has hundreds of happy visitors every day. This is Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop that you simply can not miss. The tour is centered around the Flatiron Building because of the unique architecture of this place. 

At the green market, you can see street vendors, protesters, break-dancers, chanting devotees of Krishna, and city dwellers having lunch or taking a walk in the park. The small cafes all have a very peculiar interior, that often inspires property owners. If this happens to you too, some examples of such furniture you can find at NY Furniture Outlets.

Time: approx. 3 hours in general

Architecture Tour in New york5. NYC Photography Tour by Walk

If you dream of taking cool pictures of the exemplary landmarks of Gotham City, then you should go on such a tour and not waste time trying to accomplish this task on your own. The tour is sure to include such places as the Empire State Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Central Park, and other places looking amazing in photos. 

You will admire the neo-Gothic facade of one of New York’s most famous churches, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and stroll down fashionable Saks Fifth Avenue. Just do not get into the department store, or you will lose track of time! From there, it is easy to go to the ornate fountain in Great Army Square – Pulitzer Fountain, then to Trump Tower, a 56-story glass tower. 

The tour then proceeds to the Gapstow Bridge and to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), one of the finest museums in New York City. If this route attracts your attention, then you may also consider A Self-Guided Brooklyn Graffiti Tour.

Time: approx. 3.5 hours in general

Due to public health concerns in response to COVID-19, please consider that the tours are usually organized with precautions in place, as recommended by CDC-provided safety measures.