What: Brooklyn Bike Jumble

Where: JJ Byrne Park and The Old Stone House, Park Slope

Sunday, May 31, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.

Why: It’s a jumble out there. There’s Flying Pigeons, Cruisers, and Schwinn’s, oh my. Instead of spending money to travel underground, consider seeing the sites by bike while getting in shape for summer. Whether you’re a devout cyclist, a kid looking for a BMX, or just a local wanting to cruise through the nabe, the Brooklyn Bike Jumble is where you need to be this Sunday.

The BBJ is New York’s first outdoor bicycle flea market. Harry Schwartzman, the event’s organizer, worked with the parks department to secure JJ Bryne Park and the Old Stone House so that private non-professional vendors could bring a range of bicycles, bicycle components, and gear to the public. After seeing many cyclists going out of Manhattan to places like the Trexlertown swap meet, he figured he’d start one locally. “Brooklyn is a hotbed of cycling. There is a high percentage of bike commuters living here,” said Schwartzman. “This location is great for someone to go into the park and come out with a bike.”

The one-day event will celebrate bike culture and commuting in New York City. There’ll be low cost bikes for beginners of all ages, as well as mountain bikes, racers, and fixed gears. Participating vendors and organizations include commuting apparel by Outlier, Bicycle Paintings and other merchandise by Taliah Lempert, Recycle a Bike, and Coast Cycles, to name a few.

For kids looking to learn how to ride a bike, there will be free lessons. However, adults needn’t feel left out; they can admire the classic bikes on view as part of the day’s bike show highlighting its impact on New York culture. “This is not just for Armstrong enthusiasts or hardcore bikers,” Schwartzman said. “There will be a lot of different bikes for everyone. We’re working to bring people together.”

Cost: Free

How to get there:
Take the F/R train and get off at 4th avenue. Exit near intersection of 9th and 4th. Go North on 4th towards 8th street. Make a right on 5th street. Then a left on 5th avenue to 4th street. For alternate directions click on HopStop below. (JJ Byrne Park is at 5th avenue between 3rd and 4th Street, nybikejumble.com)


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