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Dog-Friendly Activities in NYC and Beyond

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If you own one of the 600,000 dogs that live in this city, odds are you’ve thought about bringing the pooch camping or on that beach retreat. But how often has that happened? Now, with Amtrak’s pet program, hopefully you’ll be taking your furry friends on the road more often. Here’s our guide to pet-friendly getaways and activities in and around NYC.

Check out these eight green and pet-friendly hotels near NYC that successfully cater to the needs of people, pooches, and the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle, ruff!
Even the most devoted pet owners admit that one of the prices of puppy love is a less spur-of–the-moment lifestyle. Booking kennels and finding dog-sitters can put a damper on last minute getaway plans. Fortunately, we have found seven weekend destinations. that welcome you and your pooch so you can still indulge in that spontaneous trip out of town. Metro North, New Jersey Transit, and LIRR accept small domestic pets on board, but they don’t specify a weight or size limit. Your dog needs to be in a carrier for the journey, so this is an excuse to use that chic, over-priced doggie-bag that you hoped would come in handy.


Give your canine companions a treat by letting them off the leash at a local beach or specially-designed ocean-side spot for a reprieve from NYC. Turn your pet from a land shark to salty dog with a visit to these five dog-friendly beaches..
You’d never leave a good buddy chained to a pole outside in the freezing cold while you sat inside a cozy bar enjoying a pint (we hope). So why would you do the same to your dog? We’ve located five bars—even more awesome than Manhattan hound haunts The Horse Box, Tom and Jerry, Hogs and Heifers—where man’s best friend is encouraged to tag along.

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