This is Water Taxi Beach

Water Taxi Beach
Photo: Flickr/massmat

Do you ever find yourself looking for a fun, unique place to grab a beer? I never imagined, as I left work a few Fridays ago, that my buddies and I would end up at a beautiful beach looking out at a sunset over Manhattan while sipping Magic Hat #9. The music was loud, but in the open air with the river’s breeze it wasn’t overwhelming like it may have been at a typical pub. My group was not so much filled with the rowdy types, so instead of joining the beach volleyball games behind us or hitting up the dance floor across the sand, we chilled at the picnic tables, sipped our chilled brews, and enjoyed a casual ball-park style dinner.

This is Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City. It’s miraculously one subway stop from Grand Central Station on the 7 train, as convenient as any bar you know. Cover charge starts at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays and is only 3 bucks! The beers on tap range from PBR ($5) to Magic Hat ($6) with many selections in between. There’s a full bar, so if you’re feeling something a bit stronger, don’t hold back! And there’s food for all… burgers, fries, even tofu dogs! Bring a sweater, ’cause the breeze can get chilly. And be prepared for one of the most enjoyable, unbelievable drinking experiences New York has to offer.

Oh yeah, why is it called Water Taxi Beach? If you don’t feel like taking the 7 train to and from Grand Central (or Times Square), you can just as easily hop on the Water Taxi! It runs until midnight between 34th street in Manhattan and Water Taxi Beach. It’s a quick, convenient $5 trip. The catamaran taxi comfortably seats about 75 people.

Bottoms up! And cheers to Long Island City!

How to Get There: Take the 7 train from Grand Central or Times Square. Second option, take the Water Taxi from 34th street to the beach for $5.