Traveling to The Green Room in Harrison, New Jersey

Quesadillas at the Green Room in Harrison, NJ

What’s better than going to the most popular bar in the city, with crushing crowds of chick-cruisers, drink specials that end before sundown and bartenders who barely respond? Sure, it’s hard to find a good bar, and even harder to find one you don’t have to drive to, but they do exist. And once in a while, you can even find one that hasn’t gotten too popular for its own good.

The Green Room in Harrison, NJ (off of the PATH train) is the kind of bar that you don’t see often. It has the atmosphere of a great music bar without the crowds and overblown hype. The name has little to do with the Irish heritage that the area is known for, and is an allusion to where every music fan wants to be, backstage with the artists in the green room.

There’s no better place within walking distance of a PATH train that offers affordable sangrias (no fruit-punch flavor), and spinach and black bean quesadillas. It has a full-vegetarian and meat-lovers menu, a bartender who greets you like he would any regular (even if you’re a first timer), and is perfect for an after-work happy hour or a night out with friends.


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And so it was, at a post-work happy hour in the middle of the week, that a colleague introduced me to the Green Room. Although the sangria is “on tap,” delivered via spigot, it’s just as strong and fresh tasting as sangria should be. (And that, my friends, is coming from a Portuguese girl who knows her sangria.)

The quesadillas are packed with flavor and taste, and are much healthier than anything you could get at most other bars. The portions are very well-sized for prices that won’t force you to rebudget your lunch rations for the week. Though I can’t vouch for the rest of their selection, I’ve heard good things and am eager to sample even more myself. The Green Room has both an extensive food menu and enough drink options to keep you coming back and rut-free.

Weekends bring live music to the scene, with local bands hitting the stage, adding another level of satisfaction. It’s not exactly easy to find a place with quality food, inexpensive (but not “cheap”) drinks and a music scene under one easy-to-access roof.

Who would have thought that the oft-overlooked Harrison NJ could offer such a gem? I know I didn’t.

What other attractions or points of interest can you explore along the route to The Green Room Bar?

If you’re traveling to The Green Room in Harrison, New Jersey, via the PATH train, there are several interesting places and attractions you can explore in the area or on the way. Here are some options:

  1. Branch Brook Park: Located in nearby Newark, Branch Brook Park is known for its stunning cherry blossom display in the spring. It’s a great place for a leisurely walk or a picnic.

Watch this to get a glimpse:

2. Newark Museum: Also in Newark, the Newark Museum offers a diverse collection of art and artifacts. It’s the largest museum in New Jersey and has something for everyone, from art lovers to history buffs.

3. Red Bull Arena: If you’re a soccer fan, check out Red Bull Arena, home to the New York Red Bulls. Catching a game here can be an exciting experience.

4. Ironbound District: Harrison’s Ironbound District is renowned for its Portuguese and Spanish cuisine. Consider trying some authentic dishes at the local restaurants.

Watch this to get a glimpse:


5. Newark Penn Station: If you’re taking the PATH train, you’ll likely pass through Newark Penn Station. While you’re there, you can explore the station itself and the nearby Military Park, a small but pleasant urban park.

6. Liberty State Park: Depending on your route, you might also pass near Liberty State Park in Jersey City. This park offers beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Manhattan skyline. It’s a great spot for a stroll or a picnic.

7. Kearny Point: If you have time, you can visit Kearny Point, an innovation campus that hosts events, art installations, and more. It’s not far from Harrison and showcases a blend of history and modernity.

8. Jersey City: Consider extending your trip to explore Jersey City, which offers a range of attractions, including Liberty Science Center, Liberty State Park, and a vibrant waterfront area with restaurants and shops.

Remember to check the opening hours and availability of these attractions before your visit, as they may vary depending on the day and season. Enjoy your journey to The Green Room and the exploration of the surrounding area!

How to get there

 Take the PATH toward Newark (change at Journal Square if not on the WTC train) and get off at the Harrison station. Turn left on Frank E. Rodgers Boulevard and walk toward number 203. You can get more information about them from their (slightly over-exuberant) MySpace page. It’s open from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.