Farm to Table Restaurants Near NYC

food from the farm

We are inspired by how involved our readers are in furthering the sustainable food movement in the NYC community–signing up for CSA shares and growing your own veggies—and figured you’d want to keep supporting eco-gastronomy while you’re out of town.

On your next getaway to the Hudson Valley, Princeton, or perhaps northern New England, consider celebrating fall’s bounty at one of these four farm to table restaurants near NYC, all offering delicious, locally-sourced menus and a rewarding dining experience.

Dessert at Gibbett Hill GrillGibbet Hill Grill | Groton | MA

This eatery sources from their own produce farm to pepper dishes like the Gibbet Hill beef sliders and Gibbet Hill salad with homegrown ingredients. To further support the farm to fork movement, the restaurant relies on other nearby Connecticut farms, breweries and wineries. Gibbet Hill Grill also offers farm dinners throughout the year, so check the site for upcoming dates this fall. Tour and sample the Gibbet Hill Farm, learn the process behind making the transition from farm to table and enjoy a custom-made, four-course menu for the price of $85, raised to $110 if wine is included.
How to get there:
Consult oM’s guide to public transportation in Boston. Ride the MBTA to toward Fitchburg and exit at Ayer. Take a taxi for the eight-minute ride to Gibbet Hill Grill.

Ninety Acres Culinary Center | Somerset County | NJ

Set in lush Somerset County, NJ, Natirar is a farm, private club, culinary center, and soon to be resort all set on one sprawling property. The Ninety Acres Culinary Center is quite literally a table on the farm. Serving up their own farm-fresh nourishment, Ninety Acres puts Hudson Valley duck breast, Natirar poached egg and pork belly and more on their dinner menu. Enjoy the flexible dining options, including the daily changing Farmer’s Plates (Malt vinegar and Brooklyn Ale battered fish, french fries and tartar sauce, $19) and the “Bring Me Food” selection, where diners are seated kitchen-side and a five-course menu is prepared by the chef per the diner’s likes and dislikes.
How to get there:
Take NJ Transit from Madison Square Garden to the Peapack Station. Take a taxi for the remaining 5 minute ride.

Dining on the FarmBlue Hill at Stone Barns | Tarrytown | NY

The philosophy of Blue Hill at Stone Barns is that at the core of a meal are the ingredients used to concoct it. The idea of a menu is null and void while dining at this farm to table restaurant; dishes are created based on a list of over 100 ingredients that Blue Hill shapes into multi-course tastings centered on the day’s harvest. Munch on wild blueberries, tomatoes, zucchini blossoms and more Stone Barns-produced delicacies. The grazing, pecking, rooting feast will run you $198. Enjoy the elegance of Blue Hill’s formal dining room coupled with the locally-grown goodness of Dan Barber’s impromptu menu.
How to get there:
Take the Metro North Hudson line to Tarrytown, then bike or catch a taxi for the 10 minute drive to Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Elements Restaurant | Princeton | NJ

Elements believes firmly in the, well, elements of a meal, from the atmosphere to the servers to the ingredients. To stay true to this mentality, the restaurant spends Monday through Friday serving up food Farm to Fork style. Nearby Pennsylvania and New Jersey farms supply the ingredients to innovative courses such as local squash and corn paired with polenta, hopewell pork belly paired with kimchi and a ‘fleur verte’ green bean salad. Sit down for a farm-grown meal of your choice for the price of $49 per five-course brunch tasting menu or $69 for a four-course dinner.
How to get there: 
Take NJ Transit Rail from Madison Square Garden to Princeton Junction. Take the shuttle to Princeton.

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