Utensils Down, Hands Up!: Annual Apple Pie Bake-off in Brooklyn

What: Hipster Harvest Fest

Where: Enid’s in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When: Sunday, October 19, (pies are due at 6pm)

Why: Despite the warm weather we’ve had of late, the calendar says it’s October, month of crisp autumn days, colorful leaves, ghost stories, and… apple pie? Yes indeed, autumn is the traditional time for harvest festivals and making gooey crusty don’t-skimp-on-the-calories apple pie. Hipster haven Williamsburg may well be the last place on earth one might expect a pie baking contest, but all the better reason to have one at Enid’s, where the 6th Annual Apple Pie Bake-Off is something of a, well, tradition.

Wannabe bakers will throw their pies in the mix, to be judged by food dignitaries, including Rachel Wharton, Food & Wine’s senior online editor, Harry Rosenblum of Brooklyn Kitchen, and Emily Farris, author of “Casserole Crazy: Hot Stuff for Your Oven.” Stuff your face with pie, then dance it off to the jams of DJ Jonathan Toubin. It’s a harvest fest, B-burg style.

Cost: Free

How to get there: Refer to HopStop below for directions via subway. (Enid’s, 560 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, 718.349.3859, enids.net)