A Week of Inspiration On and Off the Platform: Free Magazines and Literary Readings

Subway reading

Peck away at blackberry. Listen to music (a little too loudly). Sleep. All things we see people doing on the morning commute. But the number one subway pastime? Reading: The Times, a magazine, a book, an e-reader. . .Wednesday, September 8, add literary magazine to that list. From 7:30-9:00am that morning, at subway stations throughout Brooklyn, One Story (the brilliant Brooklyn-based mag on a mission to return the short story to its rightful place of glory) and the Brooklyn Book Festival will brighten the morning commute by handing out issues of One Story, along with invitations to a reading during the festival on Sunday, September 12 (12pm). If that doesn’t beat staring off into space, we can’t help you (we’ll be busy reading).

And because this shared creativity inspires us so, we briefly break oM protocol to alert you to an onManhattan event, which will be spreading literature and good cheer throughout the East Village and Lower East Side on the evening of Sunday, September 11th. The third annual Lit Crawl pairs writers (and their readers) with drinks on a pub crawl of live readings (6:00-9:00pm).

One-Story How to get there: Copies of One Story will be handed out at subway stations throughout the borough of Brooklyn; see a full list of locations. To reach the Brooklyn Book Festival (at the Borough Hall Courtroom) take the 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall, the R to Court Street, of the A, C, F to Jay Street/Borough Hall. For a listing of Lit Crawl venue locations, visit litcrawl.org.

Photos: Courtesy of flickr and One Story