Bike travel provides many positives to the rider and the environment. The good people at SummerStage now add the high roller treatment to the list. In partnership with Transportation Alternatives, SummerStage will be rolling out the red carpet of convenience with FREE bike valet parking at all East River Park events. This August, SummerStage is celebrating its 25th anniversary by extending beyond their programming in Central Park with over 100 music, dance and theater programs in all five boroughs.

So how does the bike valet service fit into their master plan? The current valet program promises to give greater access to cyclists at the East River Park venue, provide an incentive to utilize alternative means of transportation, and promote the use of green spaces in the Lower East Side. They’re making a significant statement in support of the growing bike culture of New York with an emphasis on sustainability and community. “This is the first time SummerStage is offering free bike valet service,” said Karen Overton, City Parks Foundation Catalyst Coordinator. “It is a pilot program, but we do intend to continue it going forward next year.” The service launches Wednesday, August 4th and runs through 13 days of free music, dance, and theater. Such events include local indie-rock darlings White Rabbits, a rowdy re-imagining of the epic poem Beowulf, the socially conscious Wideman/Davis Dance group, and a tribute to the Faina All-stars featuring DJ Lucho and a variety of the city’s top Latin players. (A full schedule and breakdown on the varied multi-cultural performances can be found at

How does this service work? Much like coat check, you drop off your ride, take a ticket, and enjoy a show without worrying if someone’s clipping your chain. That’s a night of stress-free and expense-free entertainment, bookend-ed by a scenic cruise of your choosing. Yes this may be ON Manhattan, but we couldn’t resist sharing the news of this great service. Instead of waiting on the suffocating train platform as you perspire and breathe in a whole host of troubling odors, you can be feeling the wind flow through your hair as you take in this truly captivating city on your trip to and from the show. Have a great ride.


  1. Wish you were real! Thanks for the comment. Event calendar will go live on
    the site this week hopefully.

    When we're back from Europe, I'd appreciate your input on a tv show pitch
    for the Travel Channel. I have some good contacts there…but would need to
    somehow protect the idea so they can't steal it and put a famous face in
    front of the camera. It's a good one.


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