Good Neighbors: Brad Butler of Bicycle Coffee Co.

bicycle coffee co

Only good things can come out of the combination of going green and great coffee, so it’s only natural that Bicycle Coffee Co. should be fantastic. The family-run operation combines many things we love, including gourmet (fair-trade) coffee and cycling. Yes, that’s right: The small-batch roaster delivers beans by bike.

oM caught up with co-founder Brad Butler to learn more.

Who founded Bicycle Coffee Co?
Bicycle Coffee Co was started by three brothers and a cousin—Matthew McKee, Brandon McKee, Cameron McKee, and Brad Butler.

How and when did the idea of Bicycle Coffee Co come about?
We were travelling through the Central American Rainforest looking for land to build our eco-village when we met with coffee farmers and really liked what they were doing. We brought their coffee back and now only use co-operative coffee and roast it all ourselves and deliver only on bicycles.

What have been the biggest challenges with Bicycle Coffee Co so far?
Its hard having family who are also your business partners.

What are the goals of Bicycle Coffee Co?
We’d like to give people jobs they love and care about, and also provide alternative ways of doing things. We want to keep roasting really good coffee too.

Are you guys currently just in San Francisco? Are there any other locations now or coming soon?
Right now we’re in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley.  We may be in Tokyo soon too.

What is your favorite San Francisco getaway?
I like to watch the cannon drills at Ft. Point under the golden gate bridge.