Review: Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum

Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum
1920 Paradise Drive
(415) 435-0875
Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum

Tiburon wasn’t always so pretty. The affluent town got its start as industrial hub, railroad and maritime terminal. One of the few reminders left of that period is the Railroad and Ferry Depot Museum, a 19th-century railroad and maritime terminal building that’s been converted into a real-life history lesson.

The museum’s bottom floor highlights the history of Tiburon, complete with a scale model of the town in its transportation glory days (1900-1910). Equally fascinating, the second floor recreates the humble abode of its former stationmaster, William Bent, with many of the original furnishings, donated by Bent’s daughter, Florence.

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Take the Blue and Gold Fleet ferry. Upon departing the ferry, turn right – the museum is the large gray building standing alone in the park along the water.