Review: The Gilman

924 Gilman Street
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 525-9926

The 924 Gilman Street Project, commonly known as “924 Gilman” or “The Gilman,” this venue is just about as uncommon as you can get. In a good way, of course.

The Gilman’s main focus is punk, but metal, ska, and other independent bands also make an appearance. It holds a sweet spot in music history, having helped give a start to uber-famous bands like the Foo Fighters, Green Day, the Offspring, and many, MANY more before they were huge.

And then there is the ethics of the place. There are four rules at the club: no drugs, no alcohol, no violence, and no racism. Bands that produce racist, misogynistic, or homophobic content are not welcome to perform, nor are bands signed to a major label. 924 Gilman is also completely volunteer run and hosted in a community space, where all ages are welcome.

Even better yet: You can see a show for free by volunteering.

Tip: Set the mood before a show by reading 924 Gilman: The Story So Far. The excellent book may make you a bit of a nerd (we won’t tell) but it will also add a whole new dimension to your punk experience.

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Take BART (Richmond line) to the North Berkeley Station. Walk north on Sacramento, make a left at the dead end and then a right onto Gilman. Follow that until you reach 8th and Gilman.