Getting Around Huntington Beach

Located outside of Los Angeles’ infamous concrete jungle, Huntington Beach is a small oasis pristine beaches—and alternative transportation. Itself a compact town with most sights (read: beach), eateries, and hotels within easy walking or biking distance, Huntington is also serviced by public transportation, complements of the Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) and Metro Transit Authority (MTA). Here is a quick guide to getting around in Surf City USA.

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Getting Around Huntington Beach By Bus
The Orange County Transit Authority (OCTA) runs bus systems throughout Huntington Beach and the surrounding area. OCTA 29 runs down Beach Boulevard and is an easy way to travel up and down the coast. OCTA 1 runs along the Pacific Coast Highway, connecting beach towns from Long Beach down to San Clemente.

Visit for schedules and maps.

Getting Around Huntington Beach By Bike
Surf City’s beautiful boardwalk is prime biking real estate. Rent a cruiser at one of the city’s many beach bike shops for as little as $10. The Bikeways Map at is a great resource for planning recreational bike rides.


Getting to Huntington Beach By Train
Amtrak does not run directly to Huntington, but there are Amtrak stations in nearby Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine. The train journey from San Francisco to any of these destinations will take around 10 hours. From the train stations, there are various bus options, which take one to two hours.

From Irvine to Huntington:
Irvine and Huntington are connected by bus OCTA bus routes. Route 178 runs frequent buses on Monday through Saturday. The journey takes about an hour and a half, but note that you’ll have to get from the Amtrak station to the bus stop.

On weekday evenings only, route 211 runs express (via the 405), with an easy connection to the Amtrak station. The journey takes about an hour.

From Anaheim to Huntington
There are no direct buses from Anaheim to Huntington Beach. However, there are several buses that link up to routes 1 and 25, which service Huntington. The total trip takes just under two hours.
From Santa Ana to Huntington
The Metrolink Orange County line links up to OCTA 29 with service to Huntington Beach. There are also a few bus routes that will get you between Santa Ana and Huntington. All journeys take between one and one-and-a-half hours.
For helpful travel information on all southern California travel visit the MTA’s trip planner.

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