The More Beer Gardens the Better: Hoboken Gets Pilsener Haus

beer garden

What: Pilsener Haus & Biergarten Grand Opening

Where: Hoboken, New Jersey

When: Friday, July 15

Why: From the folks who brought us Radegast, this new 10,000-square-foot Austro-Hungarian biergarten will feature indoor and outdoor seating in uptown Hoboken, plus 21 taps and 40 types of bottled beers. The Czech owners hope enormous wooden communal tables, high iron-worked windows, oversize vintage photographs and a tiled bar will come together to give the main dining room an authentic old-world feel. Traditional foods like sausages, spatzel and pretzels will also be available for patrons, not to mention plenty of live music.

How to get there: For the most direct route, take the 126 bus from Port Authority to Willow Avenue at 15th Street and walk 3 minutes to the beer garden. Or take the PATH Train to Hoboken then walk 5 minutes to the Newport Hudson-Bergen Light Rail station. Hop the lightrail towards the Tonnelle station, then walk to 1422 Grand Street.

Photo: Courtesy of Jirka Kolar

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  • Jeremy

    Can’t wait for this to open!!

  • Njguy187

    This place has bouncers who are very unprofessional and act like goons, for a guy in his 40s checking IDS for a living, Ive seen them pick and throw around guys half the size, also people need to realize, its a simple concept? 3 bartenders for a crowd of 1000? and people actuallly wait? overrated.

  • Steve

    Was anyone at the Hoboken one yesterday? I saw the bouncer put a guy in a choke hold while he was walking out and the police came?  Hoboken has some of the finest young professionals and the cops had to come?  Disgusting if you ask me