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Trans Siberian by Boccaccio1

We may be partial but oM firmly believes one of the best ways to explore the beauty of our planet is by train. Train journeys  offer a chance to see some of the most spectacular, historic and rustic scenery the world has to offer. Here are oM’s top five train journeys of 2018 that offer […]

Paris, France’s largest city and crown jewel, is gifted with countless cool neighborhoods and cultural treasures to explore. But why limit your visit to the capital when the surrounding countryside has so much to offer? Discover a chateau, an artistic walking path, or a world-renowned flea market using Paris’s affordable, user-friendly public transportation system. Paris […]


Mention you’re headed on a vacation to Normandy and images of the historic D-Day invasion of the lower Normandy region come to mind, but think again. Upper Normandy, with its pristine beaches, breath-taking cliffs and verdant hills, offers the eco-conscious traveler French culture, delicious local food, and a bounty of outdoor adventures. Etretat: Your Perfect […]

notre dame

While Paris has pedestrian-packed streets and a well-developed Metro system, most Parisians will tell you that they are slow to warm to the idea of environmental conservation. But traveling to this beautiful city doesn’t have to incur a negative impact on our planet. As I discovered, ecologically-minded New York travelers no longer have to compromise […]