There is nothing better than an outdoor holiday. In the USA, this activity is one of the most popular and has not many worthy competitors. This is explained by the fact that in different states there are a huge number of locations that you definitely need to visit at least once in your life. Among them, we have selected the top 10 most interesting places where you can go for a weekend or spend your entire vacation there.

Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

There is no more famous natural park in the world than Yellowstone. This legendary place is ideal for your outdoor holiday. Here you can explore each of the proposed routes for a very long time and get the most out of it. In addition to simple walking and sightseeing, Yellowstone offers kayaking, horseback riding, and cycling.

In winter there is the opportunity to ski and snowboard. One day will definitely not be enough for you. So try to find a camping spot for the night and give Yellowstone the whole weekend. If you want to take a walk after sunset, don’t forget to take some kind of night vision device with you. It will improve visibility in the dark and prevent you from getting lost.

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Grand Canyon (Arizona)

There are hardly people in the world who have never heard of Grand Canyon. This natural site, located in Arizona, is included in the UNESCO list and is considered a national treasure of the United States. The national park of the same name is a great place for an outdoor holiday. Here you have the opportunity to walk along one of the laid out routes and see various sights.

Each trail has its own degree of difficulty, so visitors have the chance to choose the best option depending on their own wishes and the capabilities of the people accompanying you. In addition to hiking, rafting is a popular activity in Grand Canyon. Its lovers will definitely remember every second of rafting on a mountain river and get maximum pleasure from the process.

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Yosemite National Park (California)

This national park is one of the symbols of California. They invite all visitors to enjoy incredibly beautiful nature and many unique attractions, the main of which is Yosemite falls. It is included in the top 20 highest waterfalls in the world and is immediately remembered by everyone who sees it.

These places can be called ideal for hiking. In addition, here you can go rock climbing, rafting and other outdoor activities. If you plan to visit Yosemite National Park in winter, be sure to bring your skis or snowboard. They will definitely come in handy on your adventure.

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Lake Tahoe (California and Nevada)

One of the best lakes in the USA is located on the border of Nevada and California. Its crystal clear water and beautiful surrounding area make this place ideal for an outdoor holiday. In the vicinity of the lake there are several majestic mountain peaks that will decorate any family photo with their appearance.

For lovers of a relaxing holiday, a picnic on the shore of Lake Tahoe is perfect. If you want more activity, then go for a walk along one of the popular routes. Along the way you will find many natural attractions and various natural obstacles. For people who cannot live without another dose of adrenaline, scuba diving is available here in the warm season, and skiing in the winter.

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Moab (Utah)

This city in eastern Utah is a great place for outdoor recreation. It is famous for its original rock formations that will look perfect in your photos. The most famous is the so-called Rock Arch. Thousands of people from all over America come every year to see this miracle of nature.

For lovers of a relaxing holiday, Moab offers dozens of hiking trails. Having chosen one of them, you will have to constantly turn your head, since on the way you will be surrounded by incredibly beautiful landscapes that you can look at forever. You can ride a mountain bike along the same routes. For anyone who gets tired of such a pastime, several recreation areas are available where you can simply sit, enjoying the scenery and soaking up the rays of the sun, as well as cook a delicious barbecue.

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Kauai (Hawaii)

The Hawaiian archipelago attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world. It is made up of many islands, each with unique features. Among them, Kauai deserves special attention. This island receives the least attention from tourists, which is why true connoisseurs of outdoor holidays love it.

It has everything you need for relaxing walks, challenging hilly treks and sporting adventures. Regardless of the way you choose to spend your time, you will be able to enjoy amazingly beautiful landscapes and unique natural attractions (for example, waterfalls). If you want something more exotic, you can try zip-lining, surfing or swimming surrounded by whales.

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Maui (Hawaii)

This popular tourist island in Hawaii will turn even the most boring outdoor holiday into the most interesting adventure. It has everything for lovers of a paradise holiday, from huge beaches with perfect sand to the crystal clear coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean. For those who associate outdoor holidays with nature, Maui offers the opportunity to take walks to the most interesting attractions.

If you find it difficult to walk for a long period, you can ride a horse. Of course, Maui is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Here everyone has access to activities such as diving, surfing, kitesurfing, rafting and much more. In general, everyone will find a suitable activity for themselves and have a great time.

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Sedona (Arizona)

If you want to admire amazing mountain scenery throughout your entire outdoor holiday, then choose Sedona. This famous location is one of the most popular in Arizona. Here you can see rocks of various shapes that rise above the ground and look like fairy-tale giants.

For all visitors to Sedona, there are more than two hundred walking routes. You want to go through each of them to the end, but to do this you will have to stay in this area for at least a month. In addition to hiking, visitors are allowed to use mountain bikes and horseback riding. Other popular activities include rock climbing and golf.

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Glacier National Park (Montana)

An amazingly beautiful wilderness awaits you in Glacier National Park. Here you can have a good rest in the company of loved ones and get a positive charge for many weeks to come. A special walking route has been laid out for visitors to this national park. It is quite long and will take several hours to complete. However, if you choose this path, you will definitely not lose sight of any local attraction.

There are also shorter trails leading to certain famous natural sites. Despite the fairly large number of people, there is a high chance of encountering wild animals in Glacier National Park. There may even be huge grizzly bears among them, so extreme caution should always be taken. If you are going on a trip in the evening, be sure to take night optics with you. When it gets dark, she will help you get to your overnight stay without any problems.

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Denali National Park (Alaska)

There are many places for outdoor holidays in Alaska, but Denali National Park is often the priority option for most. This place makes you fall in love at first sight and remains in your memory forever. Its main advantage is the possibility of close communication with wild nature.

Even if you just set up a tent and don’t leave it a single step, you will still have access to magnificent landscapes, clean air and silence, which residents of megacities are gradually forgetting about. The national park is home to many animals. If you love them, then go on a walk where you are sure to meet one of these creatures. Also, all visitors have the opportunity to go mountain climbing.

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Ideal outdoor holidays in the USA can be organized in a few minutes. In every state there are sure to be several interesting locations where you can have a good time in the company of friends, acquaintances, and relatives. Such an event will definitely be remembered by all its participants for a long time and will become one of the best events of the current year.