What’s up, planet-loving peeps? Ready to globetrot without leaving oversized carbon kicks all over Mother Earth? You’ve landed in the right spot! We’re diving into the heart of sustainable tourism with some useful eco-friendly travel tips to keep things green while you live out your travel dreams.

Ditch the Plane, Embrace the Train

Choo-choo! If you want to cut down on those ghastly greenhouse gasses, consider swapping sky-high flights for scenic train rides. Trains are a boss at being more fuel-efficient and generally spit out fewer emissions per passenger than planes.  

Plus, they’re chock-full of local charm that you can’t get at 30,000 feet. Staring out a train window with landscapes zipping by beats squinting through a tiny porthole any day. And let’s be real: stretching your legs in a train aisle feels like pure luxury compared to airplane gymnastics. 

So, maybe opt for tickets to ride the rails instead of taking to the skies!

Sustainable Tourism tips
Photo by Genine Alyssa Pedreno-Andrada on Pexels.com

Choose Accommodations with a Green Heart 

Alright, let’s talk about your home away from home – eco-style. When you’re hunting for places to crash, keep your eyes peeled for digs that are certified green. 

Look out for spots that flaunt their eco-friendly badges with pride, like Energy Star ratings or LEED certifications. These joints are legit in their commitment to sustainability, often rocking energy-saving lights, water-conserving fixtures, recycling programs – the whole nine yards!

Watch this video for some great examples:

Eat Local, Feast Sustainable 

Let’s get into the delicious side of eco-friendly travel: food! Going local isn’t just about hitting up the mom-and-pop shops; it’s about sinking your teeth into fresh, regionally sourced delights. 

When you eat at places that dish out local produce, you’re supporting small-scale farmers and slashing the miles your food has to travel – which is a big win for reducing carbon emissions. Plus, fresher ingredients straight from the source? That’s Flavor Town with a capital F.  

And don’t forget to bring your own reusable utensils and containers! Noshing on local specialties while decked out with your eco-friendly kit is how you feast like an environmental champ. Trust me, your taste buds and the planet will thank you. 

Say No to Bottled H2O

Unless you’re in an exotic place where you have no option but to drink bottled water (after all, staying hydrated keeps us alive!) because the local water isn’t safe, ditch those pesky plastic bottles that clutter our landfills. Instead, snag yourself a sturdy, reusable water bottle and keep it by your side like a trusty travel companion. 

Many places have safe tap water. But in other places, and off the beaten track, you can use purification tablets or portable filters.

Not only does this move save the oceans from becoming a plastic soup, but you’ll also save some cash in the long run.

Buy Sustainable Souvenirs 

Now, let’s jabber about souvenirs. Trash the trinket idea and treasure up instead with locally made keepsakes. When you hunt for mementos, dodge those mass-produced, imported knick-knacks. Instead, scope out the real deal – crafts from local artisans, goods made sustainably that culture-up your crib without cramping Earth’s style. 

You’ll be helping to keep local traditions kicking while making sure your green doesn’t fuel some faceless factory far away.  

Just remember to ask about how they’re made – sustainable materials get double thumbs up.

Rethink Sending Postcards 

Sending postcards can be bad for the environment in two ways. Firstly, the postcard you purchase might not be eco-friendly, and, secondly – and perhaps more importantly – the carbon footprint of sending a single piece of paper through the mail is sure to be high. 

So, instead, send ecards to your friends and family back home. Though, if you want to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or anniversary while you’re halfway around the world, you may well like to send a thoughtful something – in which case, opt for online card printing that uses eco-conscious but high-quality prints.

Make Sure Your Voluntourism Actually Makes an Impact

Pairing up travel with volunteering sounds like a win-win, right? But here’s the deal: it’s got to be about real impact, not just good vibes. Before you book that gig helping sea turtles or building schools, do the homework. Check out organizations and projects with proven track records for positive community influence. 

You want to avoid those that might inadvertently cause harm or dependency. The aim is to leave places better than you found them by contributing time and skills where they’re genuinely needed – think empowerment over pity party. 

Properly vetted voluntourism can make waves of difference – when it’s done thoughtfully.

Embrace Slow Travel 

Slow travel is what it’s all about if you’re serious about sustainable adventuring. This isn’t about slacking off; it’s choosing to immerse yourself in a place rather than whistle-stop touring. 

Indeed, you might find a place that you love so much that you use it as your eco-friendly wedding destination!

By spending more time in each locale, you cut down on frequent travel emissions big time. Plus, you get to dive deep into the culture, connect with communities, and support the local economy beyond just the tourist hotspots.  

Think less rush, more appreciation. Because hey, good times simmer low and slow. 

Offset Your Carbon Footprint 

Lastly, let’s chat about offsetting your carbon footprint. Every time you jet-set or road trip, CO2 gets pumped out and Mother Nature’s not down with that. So, here’s a hot tip: carbon offsetting. It’s like an environment-focused mulligan where your travel emissions get balanced out by funding projects that reduce greenhouse gasses – think reforestation or renewable energy efforts. 

Loads of airlines and travel companies offer easy carbon offset options when you book, or you can donate to legit programs yourself. It doesn’t cancel out all the impacts of globetrotting, but it sure takes a load off the Earth.

Watch this video for some more tips:


So, there you have it! If you’re a conscious adventurer and advocate of sustainable tourism – as, surely, we should all be – then there are lots of ways in which you can travel sustainably and be eco-friendly. Follow these eco-friendly travel tips and maybe our world will eventually survive 🙂 

To recap, remember you can:

  • Ditch the Plane, Embrace the Train.
  • Choose Accommodations with a Green Heart.
  • Eat Local, Feast Sustainable.
  • Say No to Bottled H2O.
  • Buy Sustainable Souvenirs.
  • Rethink Sending Postcards.
  • Make Sure Your Voluntourism Actually Makes an Impact. 
  • Embrace Slow Travel.
  • Offset Your Carbon Footprint.