Travel, as a concept, has undergone a massive transformation. Traditional vacations are gradually taking a backseat, and staycations are gaining center stage. In the post-COVID world, as people adapted to the “new normal,” travelers across the globe realized that to experience a rejuvenating stay, they don’t always need to venture far. 

Hence, most people are embracing the charm of staycations to explore their local surroundings and discover hidden gems that might not be at a great distance from their home address.

In April 2023, The Vacationer surveyed more than 1,000 Americans aged 18 years and above about their opinions on staycations and whether they are planning one for this year. Of the total respondents, approximately 67% shared that they are planning to take a staycation. Applying this percentage to the overall U.S. population, it equals 173 million people planning a staycation.

Today, young entrepreneurs and working professionals aim for a weekend staycation at a nearby resort or holiday villa, intending to blend work with relaxation. While this is one of the current travel trends, it is necessary to travel with the right accessories. 

In this blog, we will share the essential items you need to take for your staycation to ensure you have all that you need while traveling light.

Must Carry Accessories for Your Staycation

Simply put, the word “staycation” is used to describe a closer-to-home vacation. Mostly, people today love to travel while they work. Therefore, the accessories that you need to carry should be selected accordingly.

To travel light and ensure you have all you need for a relaxed and hassle-free staycation, here are a few essential ones to add to your list:

  • Wrinkle-Free Clothing

No one wants to open their backpack or suitcase and find wrinkled clothes. While linen dresses and pants are stunning for the summer heat, without an iron and an ironing board, they might appear sloppy. Not every ‘bed-and-breakfast’ stay for your staycation will provide you with ironing facilities. Also, in lavish hotels, the charges might be high, and the time slots allotted for ironing might not match yours.

There’s no need to fret! Several clothing brands and designers today are coming up with simple and classy wrinkle-free fabrics, perfect for travel. These fabrics allow you to roll up a top or a dress and save a lot of space in your luggage, and when you take them out from your travel bag, they look new. You can check out blends in polyester, spandex, cotton, and bamboo.

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Alternatively, there are reversible fabrics that provide you with two dresses in a single one, making them efficient and cost-effective as well.

  • A Laptop Backpack

People who travel and work will need a laptop backpack to carry their laptops and in-flight essentials. Other than providing a padded and secure compartment for the laptop, it accommodates other belongings like a mobile charger, notebook, pens, and storage drives. 

Trendy laptop backpacks usually come with a professional appearance that provides the best security features, such as hidden pockets and lockable zippers. They offer a complete blend of comfort, organization, and practicality. You can check out these bags when you are planning a staycation.

Tortuga states that laptop backpacks are easy to carry while traveling. Because you will have a suitcase, this fits perfectly under the seat right in front of you. It also caters to the limits of the personal item size mentioned by airlines. The convenient top grab straps allow for easy carrying without any trouble. Furthermore, it also has cushioned shoulder straps that offer proper comfort.

  • Reusable Travel Bottles

In March 2023, CN Traveler listed some of the essential items for a staycation, where reusable travel bottles got a mention. Instead of purchasing plastic minis of any generic body wash and shampoo, it is always better to get leakproof travel bottles that enable you to get the at-home favorites while you travel. It is apt for keeping your beauty products and toiletries along with small items such as vitamins and jewelry.

  • Power Adapter

For international staycations, a power adapter is an important device to carry. Get an adapter kit that has multiple AC plugs along with prongs that fit in various electrical outlets anywhere.

  • A Luggage Scale

You can provide yourself peace of mind by carrying a digital luggage scale. With it, you will know the amount of damage the souvenirs did before reaching the check-in counter on your way home. For more tips on how to avoid baggage fees – read this article on CNN.

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That aside, you can also carry other essential items like water bottles, make-up, light jewelry, a camera, sandals, notebooks, and a small bag to carry your cash and cards.


Planning for a staycation has never been more effortless and enjoyable, thanks to the array of travel light accessories at your disposal. From laptop backpacks that keep your technology safe and organized to eco-friendly wrinkle-free fabrics that enhance your travel wardrobe, these innovative accessories have redefined the way we approach staycations. 

As travel trends continue to evolve, the importance of traveling responsibly and sustainably becomes increasingly evident. With eco-conscious gear and efficient packing solutions, you can minimize your ecological footprint while exploring the wonders of your backyard.