Being in Rome for a few days there are many places to enjoy a good meal. It is Italy after all. Pasta is one item to always have. But being Italian and being in Italy there are many more places to visit when you can and when you want. For us, we were staying in a small hotel only a block from the Vatican. You could see it from our window. This was convenient to visit. And down the block, there were many places to have a meal.

On our first night, we stopped at Trattoria Pizzeria Gil Archi Restaurant. It was two blocks from where we were. It was not crowded on a warm evening so we sat outside. The waiter was very nice. Spoke some English as compared to our Italian. He explained what they had and what was special. We noticed that one item they had was fresh pasta and artichokes. That we definitely needed to have.

our trip to rome
Trattoria Pizzeria Gil Archi Restaurant. Photo by Ron Rossi

Tasting the Proscuitto Mozzarella at Trattoria Pizzeria in Rome

There is no rush and you can take your time to decide and to try something new. The first thing was the Prosciutto Mozzarella. This is not like we get at home. This was about 1/2 pound of prosciutto and a pound of mozzarella balls. It was fresh and made that morning. The taste and flavor were ideal. It could have been a meal itself. Excellent. We also had a fresh artichoke dipped in some olive oil and cooked a little to taste as fresh as it was.

Prosciutto Mozzarella Great Italian Food on Our Trip to Rome
The Proscuitto Mozzarella. Photo by Ron Rossi

The Pasta with Artichoke

Next, we had the Pasta with Artichoke which was fresh and seasonal as this is the time to have it. This was perfect. Excellent and tasty. Nothing was like it. We also had pasta with seafood. In Rome, they eat a lot of seafood, so having it with pasta is a typical dinner we always had at home growing up. It was perfect. And a good size portion. 

our trip to rome
Pasta with Seafood. Photo by Ron Rossi

Of course, with the meal we did have a bottle of wine.I asked the waiter what would be ideal with the meal. We went for white wine. And knowing that being in Europe it is sometimes better to have the house wine that is what he provided. You do not ask what type of white. You just request it and they provide it. As for the type, it was ideal. As for the price, it was cheaper than even one glass of white wine in the US.


Naturally, when we finished the meal after a few hours we had to have Espresso. That is what is expected when having a good Italian meal. And this was perfect. I saw the man who was also the bartender, make the espresso for me. You knew it was perfect after he got the wine for you when you arrived.

Prices are reasonable for all that you can eat. We even had a bottle of house wine. No need to have anything special. In Italy (and in Europe) house wines are ideal for any meal you can have. The waiter and the team know what is perfect with the meal you order. Why spend more when the house is ideal?

Great Italian Food on Our Trip to Rome
The Menu. Photo by Ron Rossi

When You Visit Rome…

When you visit Rome, you expect to find everything. It is Italian after all. So, on every corner, you expect to find a pizza. And you will. But not in Rome. Here you will find everything you expect but don’t imagine. It is like walking along the street and finding a small restaurant next to a small restaurant. Every block is the same. The people are the same. The food is the same, or similar. But the taste is the taste that the chef is making. So what you have in one is different from the place next door.

You avoid the big places for tourists. Instead, you visit the restaurant that the locals go to and enjoy. I even ask the people who work at the hotel where they go when they go out to eat. That is the best way to find something they like.

Gli Archi was a perfect place. We liked it so much that we went back for another meal before leaving Rome. They even provided us with a free glass of Champagne as we came back again and enjoyed what we were having – again.

We will go back! Grazi


Gil Archi Restaurant
Via Sebastiano Veniero 26

00192 Rome


PHONE: 06 96046703


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