If you love the great game of golf, then the world awaits your arrival! Golf’s surge in popularity since 2020 has led to an even wider selection of golf courses around the globe, which is good news for anyone interested in the game. But what golfing destination should you choose?


Whether you’re a beginner looking to try the game or a pro ready to bring your skills to uncharted terrain, you’ll find something for you. From Scotland to Australia, you’ll have the opportunity to experience a range of classic and modern courses filled with natural beauty. 


Plus, while you’re at it, you’ll discover a vast array of international cultures and cuisines to explore. In this article, we’ll share the 10 best countries for golfers wanting to explore the world.

10 Best Countries to Travel to for a Golf-cation

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a round or two away from your local clubhouse, here are 10 of the best countries to visit if you’re a golf enthusiast or an interested newbie.

1. Scotland

Scotland is a golfers’ paradise and is famous for its rich history and tradition of the game. A truly unique and timeless experience, Scotland offers a wide variety of courses to suit all tastes and experiences. From championship courses to hidden gems, Scotland has something for you. 

The weather in Scotland can be unpredictable, but this adds to the charm. Even on bad days, you can still enjoy a round as you marvel at the stunning scenery only found in Scotland. 

Watch this to get a glimpse of the best golf courses in Scotland:


2. Ireland

For golfers looking for a dreamy getaway, Ireland is a great spot. Not only is this small nation renowned for its traditional hospitality and awe-inspiring landscapes, but it also boasts some of the best courses in the world. A holiday in Ireland is sure to be an unforgettable experience. 

But don’t take our word for it; see it for yourself. Make sure that you pack your travel golf gear for a much more enjoyable play and contact Luxury Ireland Tours for a quote for a luxury golf tour. You’ll see exactly the kind of fun you’re bound to have when you’re in Ireland. For example, you could check out the oldest golf course in Ireland: The Royal Curragh Golf Club.

Watch this video to pick the course you’d like to visit in Ireland:


3. Spain

Spaniards take great pride in their golf courses, and for good reason. With mild, sunny winters and balmy summers, golfers enjoy perfect playing conditions all year round. From the coast to the countryside, golfers can find an excellent selection of courses that cater to all abilities.

Not to mention, most courses are situated in stunning natural surroundings, with views of gorgeous mountains, coasts, and even castles. Spain is great for golf and for sightseeing, but be sure to check out Marbella, a city in the south that’s known as the golf capital of Europe.

This video shows some of the most beautiful golf courses in Spain:


4. Italy

From its stunning coastlines to its lush hills and ancient historical cities, Italy offers the perfect blend of culture, beauty, and golf. With some of the most exclusive courses in the world, golfers can explore a range of terrains from rugged to fairways dotted with towering cypress trees. 

Just like Spain, Italy has the luxury of experiencing a warm, beautiful climate every day of the year, and rain isn’t common. Be sure to visit Circolo Golf Villa D’Este next to Lake Montorfano.

Watch this video of a golf trip in Italy:


5. Australia 

Australia is a perfect destination for golfing enthusiasts. Not only is the weather often mild and welcoming all year round, but the country also offers stunning views and landscapes to add to the experience of playing golf. There are a variety of facilities that specifically cater to golfers.

Whether you take on the challenge of hitting a drive onto the beaches of Sydney or confronting the incredible outback, the opportunity to tee off with natural beauty is simply unmatched.

Here’s a video showcasing the best golf courses in Australia:


6. United States

If you want to stay closer to home, you can’t go wrong with a trip around the US. From courses steeped in history to state-of-the-art championship courses, the US has something for everyone. According to many, Pinehurst in North Carolina is the ‘Mecca of Golf’ and shouldn’t be missed. 

On top of the wide variety of courses, golfers will also be able to enjoy different climates. In the northwest, you’ll get to play around mountains, but in the south, you’ll play in lush woodlands. Skilled Golf has compiled a map of the best golf courses in the USA that you can check out.

Watch this video to learn some more:


7. South Africa

Golfers looking to explore new and diverse landscapes should look no further than South Africa. With some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, this is the perfect destination for golfers looking for something unique. You’ll see everything from calm, clear oceans to lush gardens.

The warm climate of South Africa also makes it the ideal destination for a golfing holiday any time of year. With perfect weather conditions, you can enjoy a round of golf in paradise.

You’d be surprised by watching this video:


8. Iceland

There are many reasons why Iceland is an ideal destination for golfers, but perhaps the most alluring is the dramatic landscapes and incredible views. Golfers can enjoy teeing off with glaciers, volcanoes, lush green hills, mountains, and majestic fjords as their backdrop.

Furthermore, due to Iceland’s unique position on the map, you can experience the midnight sun during the summer months. You could literally golf for 24 hours without the sun fully set. And you’ll need all that time to check out its 60 golf courses—a lot of golf for such a small island!

Watch this video:


9. Canada

For unparalleled views, golfers should look to Canada. With wide open spaces, mountainous views, and vibrant cityscapes, there are plenty of courses to choose from. And if you’re lucky enough, you might spot wildlife ranging from deer to moose and even bobcats and bears. 

However, Canada is primarily a great golfing destination in the summer. In the winter, some cities in the south can hit temperatures as low as -22°F. But if you’re brave, plenty of resorts offer golfing in the winter, including Bear Mountain Resort in Vancouver and Muskoka Bay Club. 

Watch this to get a glimpse:


10. Japan

Finally, for golfers looking for a challenge, Japan is an ideal destination. Featuring some of the most challenging courses in the world, this is one for the true golf enthusiast. Discover ancient temples, rolling hills, and traditional Japanese culture, all while improving your game. 

From the stunning Mount Fuji to the mesmerizing ocean coast, you can find a course to suit all styles and levels of ability. Japan offers ideal weather for golfing all year round, so don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. After all, you can find great golf from the north to the south.

Watch this to learn about the Japan golf experience:


In Conclusion…

So if you’re a golfer looking to explore the world, these 10 countries offer some of the best locations to visit. Whether you’re looking for something close to home or a unique adventure, you won’t be disappointed. The perfect golfing destination is out there waiting for you.