1. United States
  2. Netherlands
  3. Canada
  4. Jamaica
  5. Malta

Are you browsing the countries where weed is legal in 2023 but unsure how to narrow down your options?

Depending on your travel goals, there are several factors to consider before settling on a particular cannabis-friendly destination. Besides analyzing your budget, it’s imperative to evaluate the scope of weed legalization in different jurisdictions. 

While some regions fully permit marijuana use, others restrict it to medical purposes only or within stipulated areas and quantities. It’s also crucial to think about the range of cannabis-themed travel activities you’re after. 

Do you want to lodge in a 420-friendly resort or go all-out in a marijuana-infused spa with complimentary cocktails and cuisines? Scroll on to discover what countries weed is legal in 2023. Read more about the cannabis seeds that mostly thrive in these top destinations. 

1. United States

Many vacationers agree the USA is one of the most dynamic global destinations, thanks to its varying state laws and cannabis activities.

So far, 37 states, the District of Columbia, and three territories permit medical marijuana. If you’re after recreational pot, it’s available in 21 states, the District of Columbia, and two territories. Check this article to learn more.

As marijuana legalization progresses in the USA, canna tourism takes center stage with unique travel experiences. This budding sector shows vigorous potential backed by a market size of about $17 billion. 

Are you an enthusiast after a vibrant weed culture or a medicinal user looking to complement your lifestyle away from home? Consider infusing these top USA destinations into your itinerary:

  • Oregon: Soak in the Potlandia Experience, a fun-filled cannabis-themed tour with friends. Watch this video to learn more about weed in Oregon:


  • Colorado: Puff, pass, and paint in exclusive cannabis art classes to explore your creative side.
  • Los Angeles: Pop into the Cannabis Super Club for a weed-focused culinary experience. 
  • California: Indulge in the Emerald Farm Tours for stunning marijuana seed-to-sale excursions.
  • San Francisco: Have a blast with jaw-dropping cannabis vacation rentals offering exceptional bud and breakfast experiences. Check out this place in San Francisco:


2. Netherlands

The Netherlands is among the highly sought-after countries where weed is legal in 2023, as it allows consumption in designated areas. It’s home to Amsterdam, one of the most visited destinations in the world, branded “Europe’s cannabis capital.” 

This city draws many marijuana connoisseurs each year, as it hosts the High Times Cannabis Cup to showcase top-shelf global cultivars. 

Most tourists come to this Dutch nation to explore its legendary art museums, eye-popping landscapes, architecture, and signature marijuana shops. Numerous stunning parks are an excellent complement for a laid-back baked stroll around town, provided you don’t stir trouble.

Watch this to learn more about the coffeeshop scene in Holland:


The Netherlands limits cannabis purchase and consumption within government-regulated coffee shops to visitors aged 18 and above. Stores can only sell up to five grams per day. Authorities frown upon smoking the herb in public and emphasize personal responsibility when stoned.

3. Canada

Canada is one of the most weed-friendly countries in the world, having legalized the herb in 2018. Its federal legislation allows adults (18 years and above) to possess up to 30 grams of legitimately grown cannabis. Each household can cultivate a maximum of four marijuana plants.

The federal government relegates some responsibilities to Canadian provinces and municipalities, such as increasing the consumption age limit. It’s within these jurisdictions’ purview to regulate public weed smoking, so be sure to check with your specific destination. 

Canada even had it’s first weed vending machine, watch this:


When planning a 420 vacation, discover Canada’s culture for the ultimate cannabis travel experience. Most provinces allow smoking and vaping in:

  • Private residences
  • Guest rooms in motels and hotels
  • Many outdoor public areas
  • Approved residential boats and vehicles
  • Controlled spaces in residential hospices

Explore the rich marijuana history and science immersed in an elaborate cannabis tour courtesy of Cannanaskis. This firm sets its adventurous trips in a crisp country ambience, covering dispensaries and mountainous scenes where smoking is legal. 

If you prefer the finer things in life, Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa in Ontario offers an unmatched cannabis wellness experience. It’s ideal for traveling couples looking for a tranquil escape to relax and reconnect, surrounded by scenic highlands. 

4. Jamaica

When traveling to Jamaica, consider looking deeper into this country’s cannabis laws. Although it’s popular for a vibrant marijuana culture outwardly, the federal dictates are quite different on-ground. 

Prior to 2015, weed was illegal in Jamaica, but later, the government decriminalized it instead of full legitimization. Now, there are several reasons to carry THC gummies in this country.

It’s permissible to possess up to 56.6 grams of the herb for personal use, but smoking it in public remains illegal. If caught, you may incur a small fine of JA$500. Lighting up your pot in private residences and licensed dispensaries is allowed. 

Learn more about the weed scene in Jamaica here:


The 2015 legal amendment permits marijuana use for therapeutic, medical, religious, and scientific purposes. Those practicing Rastafarianism, including travelers, use the herb freely for spiritual applications.

Since the inception of the first cannabis dispensary in Jamaica in 2018, many more have sprouted, offering wider accessibility to tourists. 

5. Malta

Malta is among the trailblazing weed-friendly countries in the European Union, thanks to its progressive cannabis laws. It legalized medical marijuana in 2018 and partially permitted recreational use in 2021.

Watch this:


The country allows adults (18 years plus) to possess up to seven grams of weed. It permits marijuana home cultivation for personal use only, provided you don’t exceed four plants. 

You can only store up to 50 grams of your homegrown weed. Smoking the herb in public or in front of minors is illegal. 

Elevate Your Holiday Getaway With a Cannabis Treat

The legal consumption of marijuana is changing rapidly across national borders, boosting the spread of canna tourism. From 420-friendly vacation rentals and weed-themed farm tours to cannabis spas and yoga classes, there are no dull marijuana holidays.

If you want fresh inspiration to spice up your itinerary like an enthusiast, consider any of these five smoker-friendly destinations.