As the world begins to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, more people are packing up their bags and boarding a plane to sunnier or colder climes. This has led to the travel industry contributing a whopping $1.1 trillion to the national GDP in 2022.

However, this growth in travel throws up new issues regarding safety. It is estimated, according to prior studies, that 52% of travelers will use a mode of transport they have never used before, whilst 80% of travelers are considering a trip somewhere extremely remote. With these new experiences comes danger and risks to your safety. You must be aware of your surroundings, culture and the safety of your dream destination. Today, I will give you my top tips for traveling safely around the world, ensuring you are well-equipped for these new experiences. This will be an unforgettable travel safety guide.

1. Protect Your Devices

Something that individuals often overlook when traveling is protecting their devices from hackers. Often, when traveling, you will use open WiFi networks. These leave your mobile phone open to hackers. In order to protect your devices, you should use a VPN app as a tool for securing your devices. For example, you can use an app called VeePN – which is a no-lag VPN

Whilst traveling, you may also need in some cases to send anonymous emails to ensure you can’t be tracked. This app will easily show you how to create an anonymous email account. If you’re in trouble on holiday, sending emails anonymously could keep you safe.

2. Choosing Your Rucksack

One of my crucial travel safety tips is to buy a secure rucksack. Never be hesitant to spend money on a bag that is really secure because this is where you will carry and store your belongings. Anti-theft features on some bags, including RFIDs and locked zippers, make it more difficult for thieves to take your belongings. 

3. Drink Responsibly

For many, with a holiday comes an alcoholic drink. Whether it be a strawberry daiquiri by the pool or a whisky to warm your cockles, alcohol can serve to enhance your holiday. However, there are several things to bear in mind before heading to the bar.

The whole point of traveling is to experience local customs, but this experience also carries a certain amount of duty for respect. Different countries’ laws will be very different from one another. Thus, something that is legal in one could land you in jail in another. Before leaving, do some research on the customs and laws of the destination to avoid unneeded humiliation or legal troubles. 

4. Use Reputable Taxi Companies

Another of my travel tips is to utilize reputable taxi companies. Sadly, taxi drivers in certain nations exploit international visitors by charging them exorbitant rates. This is why you should research the reliable transportation providers in your destination before you leave for your trip. To avoid scams, stick to them, but keep an eye out for any warning signs.

5. First Aid Kit

Do you enjoy taking on challenging tasks like mountain climbing, swimming, or more thrilling pursuits like ATV or river rafting? If so, there’s a good possibility you’ve also developed a few minor scratches, bruises, or ailments along the way. You can handle these small issues when traveling if you have a first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wash, and medications.

6. Emergency Services

Save the emergency services number on your phone or write it down in your notepad before you get to your destination. In order to swiftly contact them in an emergency, you can also jot down the phone numbers for the closest police station, hospital, and embassy.

7. Research

One of the best pieces of advice for traveling securely is to do extensive research on your location. You can better understand the kinds of scenarios you might run into, whether favorable or not, by learning a little about the local culture and even the most typical crimes committed there.

8. Travel Insurance

One recommendation made by governments and travel professionals is to purchase travel insurance. Even if it might not be pleasant to consider travel risks before your vacation, it’s always best to be safe than sorry!

9. Storing Your Money

Another one of my travel safety tips is to never keep all of your cash and credit cards together. This advice guards you against getting stuck in a foreign nation without any money.

Concluding Thoughts

This blog has covered a number of my key travel tips to ensure you keep safe whilst traveling. Have a great trip!