Planning to visit Spain and wondering where you can see a good Flamenco in Barcelona? You’ve reached the right place. The city of Barcelona is the third capital of flamenco, after Andalusia, which is the first, and Madrid, which is the second.

Professional flamenco arrived in the Catalan Community more than a century ago. Great representatives of the genre have come out of Barcelona, such as Carmen Amaya, recognized worldwide.

During the 50s and 60s, thanks to the significant immigration of Andalusians who came to the city of Barcelona, flamenco began to take more strength and become more popular. It is a genre with a strong presence in the city, although it does not represent Catalan culture.

The capital of Spain receives millions of tourists every year, who want to enjoy its beaches and are also interested in learning about the Spanish culture; many of them even decide to take Spanish lessons in Barcelona.

Flamenco is a big part of the Spanish culture, that is why many tourists look for the best places to see a flamenco show during their visit. And in Barcelona, there are many places to go, from Tablaos, restaurants, and bars to theaters.

If you are visiting the city, either because you are on vacation or for work, and you want to spend an incredible evening enjoying a good flamenco show, keep reading this article, and we will tell you which are the best places to go.

In Barcelona, there are endless places where you can see a good flamenco show, with performances of first-class artists.

Places where you can enjoy a good flamenco show and great food

There are several places where you can spend a beautiful evening with friends having dinner and enjoying a nice flamenco show. Let’s see which ones are the most recommended! The most typical places are the Tablaos.

Tablao de Carmen

This place is one of the most popular Tablaos in the city. The name is a tribute to the famous artist Carmen Amaya, one of the greatest flamenco dancers in history. The people who founded this Tablao were friends of hers.

It is a very unique place, with an Andalusian style decoration, where you can have dinner, tapas, or drinks and watch a first-class flamenco show. Great artists of the genre perform here, and the most beautiful thing is the closeness between the audience and the artists. 

The atmosphere in this Tablao is exceptional; you can breathe flamenco in every corner; this way, the spectator is immersed in a pure flamenco experience.

Tablao Flamenco Cordobes

This place is a historic Tablao in the heart of Barcelona, established by a family of artists and founded in 1970. Since its inauguration, it has presented all the legends of the genre.

The couple of artists who founded this Tablao have experienced the golden age of flamenco, performing as artists on the best stages of the time and bringing their experience and professionalism to the city of Barcelona, helping to strengthen its cultural heritage.

History doesn´t lack in this Tablao, which offers dinners and shows. You can also take a gastronomic tour with chef Jordi Narro to taste the most typical Spanish food dishes.

Los Tarantos

This Tablao was established in 1963, making it one of the oldest in Barcelona. It offers authentic flamenco shows based on improvisation, presenting great exponents of the genre and young promises of local and national levels. 

In this place, you cannot only dine and enjoy the show, but you can also request a ticket for a flamenco class!

Watch this flamenco show in Los Trantos:


El Patio Andaluz

This is one of the tops favorites and most popular Tablaos among tourists. It’s a restaurant that offers flamenco shows and a party room. 

All foreigners who want to get acquainted with the Spanish flamenco culture and the city’s culture usually come here. El Patio Andaluz offers dinner a la carte with a varied menu and the best flamenco shows you can find. 

Flamenco Casa Lola

This Tablao is one of the temples of flamenco dance and music in Barcelona. It offers performances in three singing and guitar playing sessions every afternoon and every evening. These take the public to experience this traditional art form typical of Spanish culture to the fullest. 

Flamenco Casa Lola is very popular and is located in one of the most touristic places in Barcelona.

Other Places to Enjoy Flamenco in Barcelona

Flamenco can also be enjoyed in other venues such as theatres and concert halls, among many others. Let’s take a look at other magnificent places where you can go see the best flamenco shows in Barcelona.

The Palau de la Música

While this venue does not focus exclusively on flamenco, it hosts some of the most respected artists in the genre. The Palau de la Música is an auditorium, one of the city’s most prestigious and vital auditoriums, which hosts a series of flamenco shows featuring nationally famous artists every season. It also hosts the Gran Gala Flamenco, a popular gala where you experience progressive movement through the different rhythms of flamenco.

This auditorium is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and here, you can experience flamenco in a unique way.

Watch this Flamenco show at the Palau de la Musica:


The Palace of Flamenco

Located in the Eixample district, The Palace of Flamenco is a popular musical theatre that has been in operation since 1920. The Palacio del Flamenco has a raised central stage surrounded by three levels of seats. It is also equipped with loudspeakers and screens that provide visual and auditory support for those further away from the scene.

This theatre is the largest flamenco venue in the city, with 380 people, and is open every day of the year. It is true that with such a large capacity, the intimacy between the artist and the audience is lost, but the atmosphere is still vivacious and friendly.

Robadors 23

This venue is hidden away in one of the streets of the Raval. It is an unusual music venue, and its name honors the street on which it is located (meaning “street of the thief” in Catalan), which indicates the area’s reputation in the old days.

At Robadors 23, there are regular flamenco performances every weekend, and although it is not a very large venue, it has a beautiful atmosphere. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed and the audience is enthusiastic. The audience is usually split between locals who love the music and young tourists or travelers looking for a unique experience. 


Well, I hope (and am pretty sure!) you’ll enjoy a great Flamenco show when you do visit Barcelona! Share your experience with us if you do!