There are an increasing number of people who are now using CBD on a daily basis. Whether using CBD cream to manage chronic pain or CBD shampoo to treat dry hair, the compound has become a widely used product that many people rely on.

For those people who have made CBD part of their everyday life, it quickly becomes part of their routine and something that requires minimal thought or effort. That is until traveling away from home, especially when flying.

While there are several extremely portable CBD products, there are also those that are not ideal when traveling. Additionally, there are different laws and regulations to consider when traveling, either to another country or when flying.

Traveling with CBD products for the first time can feel a little stressful. The good news is that in most cases traveling with CBD should be fine and not actually be as difficult as most people expect. There are a number of products that have been designed with travel and portability in mind.

Here are the key points to consider when traveling with CBD and the best products to travel with.

The TSA Rules When Traveling with CBD Products and What You Need to Know

The TSA rules are worth noting when flying with CBD products as these are the primary laws governing what can and cannot be packed when flying. Even when flying between two states where both CBD and THC products are completely legal, TSA rules are still applicable in airports and while flying.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the sale and use of CBD supplements on a federal level. Despite the change in law, many people are still hesitant to travel through an airport with CBD. The TSA has addressed this topic, aiming to clarify what is and what is not legal.

Currently, any CBD supplements that contain less than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis or that have been approved by the FDA are considered to be legal to travel within the United States. In practical terms, this means that traveling with CBD supplements is legal on a federal level. Although, it is always important to check they contain no more than 0.3% THC and that the location you are arriving in also approves of the compound. 

Here are the top four CBD products that meet TSA standards and are perfect for travel.

#1 CBD Oils

CBD oil tinctures are not the first product that most people think of when traveling with CBD. Tinctures typically come in small glass bottles, something that is generally avoided when packing. However, CBD oil tinctures are ideal for traveling as they are incredibly versatile, making it easy to adapt one’s CBD needs when in new situations.

For example, CBD tinctures for sleep are popular for using CBD while traveling. It can be challenging to achieve the same sleep quality while traveling as one would typically when at home in their own bed. CBD oils are the ideal sleep aid making it easier to sleep in new environments.

CBD oils can also double as a CBD topical allowing for just the one CBD product to be taken when traveling—being able to combine several CBD products into just one while away is a great way to save on packing space.

#2 CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are the ultimate CBD for travel products as they are small, quick to use, and extremely discreet. Most CBD capsules look just like a regular supplement and medical capsule, which allows them to be taken in almost any situation.

CBD capsules can also be easily slotted into a bag or a pocket, making them one of the best C products for people on the go. CBD capsules ensure that a quick dose of CBD can always be on hand when needed.

#3 CBD Gummies

CBD gummies share many of the same benefits as CBD capsules, allowing for CBD to be easily consumed while on the go. One of the other major benefits of gummies is that they typically look and taste just like regular candy, meaning that they can double as a sweet snack, which is perfect for travel days.

One of the most common ways people use CBD gummies is as a sleep aid when traveling. Many CBD gummies for sleep contain additional ingredients that help enhance the CBD’s effects and promote a restful night’s sleep.

#4 CBD Drinks

CBD drinks such as CBD-infused water are a must-have on travel days, making it easy to stay hydrated and maintain constant cannabinoid levels.

When people get off of a flight, it is a common complaint that they feel hydrated due to the recycled air within the cabin. The best way to combat the feelings of hydration after flying is to drink plenty of water throughout the flight.

CBD-infused water is designed to be sipped just like an ordinary bottle of water, making it an ideal drink to take when flying.