The holidays can be a terrific and beautiful time to get things done around the house and rejoice and catch up with family. Still, if not careful, they can also be a time of considerable risk and can lead to significant injury. The scary truth is that injuries and accidents are relatively common and are rather typical throughout the holiday season.

As a result, there can be dangers encountered while decorating and celebrating. If you’re not extra careful, you can find yourself hunting for a doctor or an orthopedic specialist around you instead of enjoying a cup of cocoa or festive sweets with your loved ones this holiday season. Here are a handful of the most prevalent accidents that can be easily avoided over the holiday season!

1. Falling from a Ladder

If you decorate your home’s exterior with festive decorations, especially during the Christmas season, you’re probably aware that you’ll need a ladder. It’s straightforward and quite common to lose your balance on the ladder or even discover it drifting away from the supporting wall, causing you to tumble into the ground if the ladder is not kept safe and steady by someone else or by a supportive wall.

When decorating your house extensively, you should work with someone you can fully trust to avoid accidents and damage. Having your spouse or a trusty neighbor hold the ladder while you go on the roof to install your decorative pieces and lights is usually a good idea. This isn’t a task you should entrust to your children unless they’re old enough, like in middle school or much older.

2. Slipping on Ice or Slippery Surfaces

Although ice is less of a threat in most states, it may still occur that you slip on slippery surfaces, and if it does occur, it is a massive concern because many people are inexperienced with ice and how to walk on it. If your sidewalk has iced over, walk on the grass or stable surface to avoid these injuries since you’ll have more traction and a softer landing if you do slip. In case of slipping accidents on footpaths or slippery floors in public places that are left negligent, you can also contact a pedestrian accident attorney to know your further steps.

If you’re planning to go on a cool ski getaway, make sure to follow all the precautions and safety regulations (and wear your helmet!).

3. Lifting heavy decorations 

Nothing beats the scent and feel of a real Christmas tree in December or extravagant decor during festivals for some families. However, there is a downside to these trees and decorations: lifting them is a complex process. You might get a hernia or much worse if you try to raise these using your back.

Always raise using your legs and never attempt to do the activity on your own. Find a trustworthy partner to share the load. You might also go for an artificial tree, which requires far less lifting to set up. If you really must have a real tree, make sure you lift it carefully. If your employer forces you to lift heavy decorations without proper security and support, you can always contact labor law attorneys to find justice.

4. Burns from Candles or the Fireplace 

Fireplaces are awesome, especially in the cold holiday season. But it can also be dangerous. You would assume that something as simple as a candle can’t possibly be dangerous, yet negligence is all too often over the holiday season. A candle can spill and spread flames to the carpet or other surfaces of the home with only one careless brush of the arm and lead to significant injuries. In a hurry, a candle might be a massive threat if you have a real tree or gift-wrapped goods in the living room. 

Common Holiday Accidents
Fireplaces are awesome, but always be careful. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on

5. Cutting Yourself

With a difficult-to-unwrap present, this happens more often than you may think: imagine someone bringing in scissors or a knife to cut through the tape and ends up cutting more than they originally planned, resulting in a laceration in their hand. Always keep your attention to yourself and the action rather than anybody else.

The holidays should not be a time to be concerned about injury, and by taking a few measures, you can ensure that your vacation is safe and injury-free. Instead of spending your vacation or holidays seeking an orthopedic expert or doctor to treat an accidental problem, you may spend them relaxing with the people who mean the most to you.


The holiday season is a pleasant and exciting time. We spend an ample amount of time beautifying our house and enjoying it with our families. We also enjoy every minute of our holiday getaway. But, because of the excitement, we can often disregard the precautions we should take to ensure safety. This article tells you about the most common accidents that you can look out for and avoid during the holiday season. Make this holiday season stress-free and ensure extra fun by being cautious.

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