Travel with oM: Trekking the Laugavegur

July 13 – 19, 2017

We’re teaming up with our adventure buddies at OutdoorFest to bring adventurous New Yorkers to Iceland. This summer, join us in a hut-to-hut excursion as you trek the Laugavegur, one of the best hikes in the world. 

A few highlights:

4-days on the trail, 7 days in Iceland

Carry only your day pack (we’ll transport the rest)

Travel with a knowledgeable, Icelandic guide

Stay in epic mountain huts along the way (with running water!)

Meet the crew in NYC before you leave


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The Itinerary

July 13 – Arrival in Iceland
On arrival you take a shuttle from the airport to Reykjavik, where you will be dropped off at a guesthouse for the night. In the evening, your guide comes by and the group goes for a welcome dinner in a local Reykjavik Restaurant where the guide will brief you on the itinerary of the days ahead. Accommodations in a Reykjavik Guest house in a twin room, double occupancy, with shared facilities. Meals: dinner

July 14 – Reykjavik – Landmannalaugar – Hrafntinnusker
We take the public bus that runs the route from Reykjavik into the southern highlands for the magical Landmannalaugar area.

Arriving in Landmannalaugar, we have a lunch and then head south into the mountains. The trail takes us past small gorges, steaming hot springs and yellow mountain ridges. Arrival at Hrafntinnusker mountain hut, were we will stay the night. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 12km (7.5 mi)

Walking time: 4-5 hrs

Ascent: 470 m (1540 ‘)

July 15 – Hrafntinnusker – Alftavatn

From Hrafntinnusker we descend down in the gullies of Jokultungur with hundreds of steaming hot springs and mud pools. Up there we enjoy fascinating views to the south to the Alftavatn area (Swan Lake), and the Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers. In the afternoon we arrive at Alftavatn hut where we stay the night. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 12km (7.5 mi)

Walking time: 4-5 hrs

Descent: 490 m (1610 ‘)

July 16 – Alftavatn – Emstrur

We pass at the foot of the green conic volcano of Storasula before entering the black deserts of Mælifellssandur. Heading towards another ancient and verdurous volcano, the Hattfell, we enter the Emstrur region where farmers used to graze their sheep in summer. Before arriving at the Botnar hut where we stay the night, we visit the magnificent Markarfljot canyon cut almost 200 m down into the rocks south of Hattfell. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 16km (10 mi)

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Descent: 40 m (130 ‘)

July 17 – Emstrur – Þorsmork – Southern lowlands

We continue up and down through the small valleys and gullies of Emstrur, where the great Myrdalsjokull glacier rises only a couple of kilometers away. At the end of the day the vegetation starts to grow thicker and colorful flowers. On arrival in Þorsmork we get onto a private bus that takes us out from this magical valley and to the southern lowlands where we spend a night at a guesthouse. Accommodations in twin  rooms with shared facilities. Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Distance: 17km (10.5 mi)

Walking time: 6-7 hrs

Descent: 300 m (985 ‘)

July 18 – Þórsmörk – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavík

This morning a private bus will pick us up and we head out of Þórsmörk. En route we stop at the Stakkholtsgjá canyon and the Seljalands waterfall one of the most amazing waterfall in Iceland. We next head to the wonderful Blue Lagoon on the Reykjanes peninsula and after a soak in this magical natural spa we end the day with a drive to Reykjavík where we are dropped off at a local guesthouse for the last night in Iceland.

Accommodations in twin rooms with shared facilities. Meals: breakfast and lunch

July 19 – Reykjavik –> NYC

Say your goodbyes, it’s time to head on home (transfer to the airport included). Meals: Breakfast.

*NOTE: All trekkers are required to purchase travel insurance with a minimum of $200,000 of a emergency evacuation or medical.


Questions? Call us at +1 646-543-9246

(or email

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Let’s tilt our way to Iceland

We know we want to go to Iceland… but do you? We’re using Crowdtilt to figure out if we have enough people. 

How this works: everyone who is interested pays a deposit. After 10-days, if we have 7 people signed up, we’re going! If we do not, everyone is refunded. 

I want to go, how do I help make this happen? 

1. Head over to our Crowd Tilt Page, and put in your $270 deposit

2a. We tilt! And you pay $2725 more for the full adventure. The total cost of the trip for you is $2,995.

2b. We don’t tilt and you get a full refund. Date: February 23rd.

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Is airfare included?

Airfare is not included. We suggest checking out WOW and Icelandair for flights (recently they have been around $500!) 

What’s the weather like in July?

While the rainiest time in Iceland is in the fall, it’s always good to be prepared for rain and wind when traveling. July’s average daily temperature is 60 degrees and evening temps drop to around 40 degrees. 

What kind of food is provided?

Breakfast includes muesli, oatmeal to make porridge, raisins, buttermilk and milk, bread, crispbread and jam, coffee, tea and Swiss miss.

Lunch, which the customers prepare to take with them on the hike, includes bread, flat cakes (traditional Icelandic flatbread) and a variety of toppings; ham, salami, pate?, smoked lamb, cheese, cheese spread, peanut butter, Nutella and vegetables.

Snacks for the hike include biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit, and fruit.

For dinner you will get catfish, traditional Icelandic meat soup, grilled or fried salmon, and lamb meat with potatoes and salad. Dessert includes among other things skyr (Icelandic Quark) and cream, puddings and cakes. 

How do I get to and from the airport?

We will set up a shuttle! 

Do I need Travel Insurance?

All trekkers are required to purchase travel insurance with a minimum of $200,000 of a emergency evacuation or medical.