On the Waterfront: Six Romantic Summer Escapes From NYC

Romantic Getaway to Nantucket

Bristol, Rhode Island

Bristol, Rhode Island is a New England town that is made for car-free coastal exploration. It is situated on the tip of the East Bay Bike Path, so cyclists can enjoy pastoral seascapes as they pedal all the way to Providence. The village exudes Americana and summer is the perfect time to stroll its yacht-filled harbor and quaint shopping streets. This Mayberry-by-the-Sea has everything those seeking a refined respite from the heat and concrete of the big city are craving. Nautical beauty, gardens, history, art, great dining and welcoming locals make it a fine, easy-to-reach weekend escape.

Kennebunkport, Maine

Sometimes just getting out of the city isn’t enough—you have to leave it completely behind, and find a place that makes you forget where you came from. This is the ultimate goal of Hidden Pond Resort, in Kennebunkport, Maine. The peacefulness and luxury here was cultivated by an over-achiever—it’s intensely lovely. Though the journey may seem like a hike, the relaxation that awaits you will nullify any travel anxiety on contact. Situated just 40 minutes south of Portland, the small, sophisticated seaside town of Kennebunkport is a world away from city living, and offers an ideal mix of beach and trail life, good food, good times and Hidden Pond.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Sometimes the same old love song signals comfort and contentment. Sometimes it suggests you’re in a rut. A romantic getaway to Atlantic City is an ideal way to change your tune. Though it’s generally known for partying, the city by the sea has a lot more to offer than boozin’ and blackjack. Any number of couple’s spa treatments being only the beginning. Imagine getting cozy by a roof-top fire pit, turning up the heat in a cooking class, or even sailing off into the sunset. Here, our picks to help you write your own Atlantic City love song.

Kayaking Richmond, VARichmond, Virginia

You might think Richmond, Virginia is a destination exclusively for history buffs. While it is steeped in the chronicles of yesteryear, this city is no one-trick pony. Stroll down Monument Avenue lined with residential architecture so grand, it suggests a lifestyle that would suit Scarlett O’Hara.  But look in another direction and you’ll see traditionalists mingling with serious outdoor enthusiasts and hipsters who wouldn’t look out of place in an episode of Lena Dunham’s “Girls”. If you’re seeking adventure on water or wheels, ride the rails to Richmond. After a day of thirst-inducing activity, you’ll be ready to sample the city’s phenomenal craft beers. Get ready to head south for your next weekend getaway.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Traveling in style is practically a necessity for savvy New Yorkers. Enter Lark Hotels. This boutique hotel group is packing a major cool factor in its several properties across many of the quaintest cities in New England. The collection, created by young adventurers in New England, was named not only with the bird well known for its hospitable morning greeting in mind, but for the Studebaker Lark car in the early ‘60s that apparently sold extremely well for quick weekend jaunts. But the best way to describe this mod group is perhaps the meaning of a lark: a carefree adventure, that may or may not include a bit of mischief. Just opened on June 7 as the first boutique on Nantucket’s Main St., 76 Main gets to set the bar for casual elegance on the island. Surrounded by those beachy-chic homes, yes, as lovely as you imagine them, the hotel has been designed to emulate the summer house escape. The ambiance embraces the sense of place, crisp and clean, with subtle nods to the sea appearing as shiplap wainscoting and sea grass rugs, while staying true to the modern and imaginative decor with bold striped walls and decorative lamps that Lark Hotels is known for. At twenty rooms, it’s big enough to disappear in, but small enough to get very personable service, the ideal for a romantic getaway.

Peekskill, New York

You want views. Nature. Culture. History. Some good eats and a bit of shopping wouldn’t hurt, either. And you’d rather not travel more than an hour from the city. Some may call your getaway ambitions high maintenance. You call them discerning. And with Peekskill sitting pretty just over 40 miles from Grand Central on Metro North’s Hudson line, you can also call them realistic. With an intriguing mix of rural, small-town and not-completely-polished urban charm, Peekskill’s the 5.5 square miles you never knew had it all. Spend a weekend—or even a day—around town, and you can have your homemade (cheese)cake, and eat like a post-hike champ, too.