Public Transportation Guide to Richmond, Virginia

Richmond, VA

Buses from NYC to Richmond

Depart: New York
Arrive: Richmond
Duration: 7-9h
Cost: $59 one-way, $118 round-trip
Notes: Order online: $45.00 one-way, $90 round-trip

Todays Bus
Depart: Chinatown (13 Allen Street)
Arrive: Richmond (8191 Brook Road)
Duration: 6h
Cost: $40 one-way, $60 round-trip

Apex Bus
Depart: New York Penn Station or Chinatown
Arrive: Richmond
Duration: 6-6.5h
Cost: $20-40 one-way, $60 round-trip
Notes: Apex Bus makes multiple departures from Chinatown to Richmond daily, but only one per day at 4:30pm from Penn Station. Only one return trip daily at 7:30am from Richmond to Penn Station

Trains from NYC to Richmond

Depart: New York Penn Station
Arrive: Main Street Station – Richmond
Duration: 6h 32m – 7h 12m
Cost: $80-136 one-way