offMetro NY> Manhattan to Pittsburgh Public Transportation Advisor


How to get there:

Bus lines
Depart: 34th St. between 11th Ave and 12th Ave.
Arrive: 10th St and Penn Ave.
7h 40m
Free wifi & power outlets, seat belts, frequent daily departures, 94% on time service. Round trip fares are open-ended.

Great Wall Bus
Depart: 34 Canal Street
Arrive: Pittsburgh
Duration: 6.5h
Cost: $45 each way
Frequency: Bus departs 5:30pm 6 days a week (excluding Fridays)

Depart: New York Port Authority
Arrive: Pittsburgh
Duration: 8h 35m – 12 h 40m
Cost: $56 one way (non-refundable), $112 round trip (non-refundable)
Notes: Order online, $47.60 one way, $95.20 round trip

Pittsburgh via Train

Amtrak Pennsylvanian
Depart: New York Penn Station
Arrive: Pittsburgh
Duration: 9h 15m
Cost: $63 one way, $126 round trip
Notes: Amtrak offers another train route to Pittsburgh, however it involves switching trains at Washington Union Station: Northeast regional (Duration 3h 30m) to Capitol Limited (Duration 7h 38m)