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Washington DC waterfront

How to get there:

Bus Lines

Depart: 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Ave
Arrive: Union Station
Duration: Approx 4hrs 30min
Cost: $1-$28
Notes: Free wifi & power outlets, seat belts, frequent daily departures, 94% on time service. Round trip fares are open-ended.

DC2NY “The Upscale Bus”
Depart: Penn Station in front of the Regency Inn at 215 W. 34th St.
Arrive-stops: Dupont Circle, corner of 20th St, Mass Ave NW, 14th St NW between H & I NW, Downtown DC
Duration: 4.5 hours
Cost: Members—$25 one-way
Notes: Free WI-FI

Bolt Bus
Departs: 33rd & 7th Ave.
Arrives: 10th & H St NW
Cost: $19-24 one-way
Duration: 4.5 hours
Frequency: Hourly
Notes: Free WI-FI, Power outlets

Departs: Penn Station
Arrives: Washington Union Sq. Station
Cost: $20-41 one-way
Duration: 4- 6 hours

2000 New Century Bus
Departs: 86 Allen St.
Arrives: 513 H St.NW
Cost: $20 one -way
Duration: 4-5 hours
Frequency: Hourly

Washington Deluxe Bus Inc.
Departs: 303 W. 34th St., 122 Allen St (Bus begins route in Bklyn with several stops)
Arrives: Dupont Circle, and various other stops
Cost: $21 one-way
Duration: 4 hours
Frequency: Every day
Notes: Free WI-FI, TV VCR

MVP Buses
Departs: Penn Station
Arrives: DC Station 1st & 6th St NW
Cost: $20 one-way
Duration: 4.5 hours
Frequency: Daily
Notes: Newly released movies, Wi-Fi infrequent on weekends

DC via Train

Amtrak Acela & Northeast Regional
Departs: NY Penn Station
Arrives: Washington DC Union Station
Cost: $49-155 one-way
Duration: 3 hours-3.5 hours
Frequency: Every day

Photo courtesy of PeterPanFan.