The Most Fun Travel Jobs You Can Find in NYC (with Videos!)

The Most Fun Travel Jobs You Can Find in NYC
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New York City is among the most vibrant cities in the world. As of 2022, the number of people living in its metro area was estimated at 18.8 million. The city also sees millions of tourists visit it annually, creating a booming travel industry. 

If you are a fan of traveling but do not have the resources needed for travel, you can still enjoy your love of traveling by seeking a job in the city’s vibrant travel industry, which will allow you to make money doing what you love. 

This guide highlights some of the travel jobs in New York City you could consider.

Travel Writer

Traveling is a lot of fun, and almost everyone wishes to travel at some point. People often look up travel information online before embarking on a trip. With New York being on the list of the most traveled cities, content about travel to the city can attract quite some traffic online. 

If you have writing skills and a passion for travel, you could make a career out of it. You can submit your work to publications or approach travel companies directly with your portfolio. Or better yet, start a travel blog to share your travel experiences. 

The good thing about starting your blog is that there is no limit to what you can make through advertising, affiliate marketing, and endorsements from businesses in the travel industry.

Check out these tips before you start your travel writing adventure:


Travel Vlogger

If writing is not your thing, but you still want to share your love for traveling, you could opt for vlogging instead. Vlogging involves creating video content and documenting your travels through footage and commentary. You can then share your vlogs on social media or other platforms to reach a wider audience. 

You do not have to invest in expensive gear to start vlogging. If you can not afford a professional vlogging camera, you could start with your smartphone and upgrade later. 

There are numerous ways to make money vlogging, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, or selling products related to your vlogging topics.

Watch this NYC Vlog for some inspiration:


Travel Photographer

Travel photography is more like vlogging, except you tell your stories through photos. You have to be creative and use the elements of composition, lighting, and timing to capture the perfect shot.

It takes practice and dedication to become a successful travel photographer. While you could use your phone to capture images, you may need to invest in professional cameras if you are hoping to make money from travel photography. 

There are many ways of making money as a travel photographer, such as selling your images to publications and on stock image platforms, selling prints, affiliate marketing, and social media influence.

Need some inspiration? Watch this:


Tour Guide

In 2023, tours, travel, and other related activities are expected to bring in $6.29 billion in the New York area. Except for a slight decline due to COVID-19, the industry has grown since 2012 creating many opportunities for tour guides. 

Some of the responsibilities of a tour guide include taking tourists on guided bus tours of the city’s attractions and making recommendations for places to eat and shop. You should also be prepared to answer any questions the tourists may have. 

Sometimes the tours may include driving out of the city to nearby attractions, which can be fun for you while you make money.

Watch this to see if you got what it takes to be a tour guide in NYC:


Flight Attendant

A flight attendant may be the perfect career choice if you dream of traveling the world while working. If you’re wondering whether you can leave the airports for your destination cities, the answer is yes, you can. But it will depend on airline policies.

Typically, airlines provide crew members with layovers or rest periods between flights. You could use the rest period to explore the cities where you travel, to satisfy your curiosity about the local culture and customs. 

While a fun travel job, a flight attendant’s position can be physically and mentally draining. So, being a flight attendant may not be your best career path if hard work doesn’t sound fun.

If you love helping people, a travel nurse is a great alternative to this. Also, the pay is good as a travel nurse salary is higher than a domestic nurse’s salary.

Watch the Vlog of this NYC-based flight attendant:


Cruise Ship Worker

If traveling by air is not for you, you could try working as a cruise ship worker. But before you consider working on a cruise ship, it is important to understand that it is among the most difficult travel-related jobs

Employees must typically sign long contracts and work long hours seven days a week. But it is a great way to see the world if you do not mind the hard work. If you are not on duty, you may be free to explore cities where the ship docks, allowing you to enjoy and see different cultures worldwide. 

However, before you sign up – watch this video:


You could supplement your cruise ship job income with other traveling jobs, such as writing, photography, and vlogging.

Are Any of These Jobs Dangerous?

All jobs have different levels of risk. But a few specific travel jobs are actually among the most dangerous jobs in New York, with common hazards such as car accidents, slips and falls, overexertion injuries, and so on. 

If you suffer injuries while on the job, you may be eligible for compensation, but your eligibility will depend on your type of job. Employees must seek compensation through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. 

For the self-employed, eligibility for compensation will depend on who is responsible for the harm suffered. For example, if you get into a vehicle accident that is the other driver’s fault, you could sue the at-fault driver for compensation from their insurance company.

Alternatively, you can recover damages from your insurer if you suffer damages from a peril covered under your policy.


Traveling is enjoyable, but it is costly for the majority of people. As a result, most people plan to travel once in a while. If you are a huge fan of traveling, once a year may not feel like enough for you, but again, traveling every day of your life can be expensive. 

So you could get a job that allows you to travel while making money from this guide’s list of travel jobs. While the list may not be exhaustive, it is a great place to start when choosing a career that involves travel. Feel free to consider other career options that may not have been included on this list.