Review: Bay Area Bikes Rental Shop

427 Water Street
Oakland, CA 94607

The staff at Bay Area Bikes is passionate about sharing their love of cycling as a lifestyle. And they actually practice what they preach—all staffers at this Oakland shop commute by bike to and from work. But don’t let their dedication intimidate you. These down-to-earth cyclists are happy to help, whether you are a fellow bike enthusiast or a cycling newbie.

Bay Area Bikes offers several different options, from hybrid recreational cycles to performance bikes or tandem rides. Hourly prices range from $8 to $15, and daily prices go from $20 to $40.

Plus, the shop’s Jack London Square location puts you in the perfect position for a pre- or post-ride bite and activities, in addition to any number of scenic trails.

Bay Area Bikes also has an Uptown Oakland location (2424 Webster Street, 510-763-2453) not far from Lake Merritt, as well as a location in Pittsburgh (625 Railroad Avenue, 925-252-1702).

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Take the Blue and Gold Fleet Ferry to Jack London Square. Take e BART to 19th Street Oakland to reach the Uptown Oakland shop and to Pittsburgh Bay Point for the Pittsburgh  shop.