Review: The Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Top Photography Spot Santa Cruz Boardwalk

400 Beach Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060
(831) 423-5590

Take a stroll down the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and you’ll be bombarded by the sheer intensity of Americana. Those rollercoasters right along the sea coast? Classic.

And the Santa Cruz’s beloved Boardwalk really is a bona fide classic—it’s got National Historic landmark status. Built in 1907, this paradisaical playland is one of California’s oldest surviving amusement parks.

Take a stroll down the boardwalk and you can take your pick of summertime activities, from the bumper cars to the wooden darling (and fifth-oldest roller coaster in the country), the Giant Dipper. There’s also Neptune Kingdom, a refurbished vintage casino replete with arcade, mini golf, and laser tag, and of course, there’s always the beach just a step away.

The Boardwalk is also the perfect place to get that “bad food” that’s oh-so good. From deep-fried (Oreos, Twinkies, you name it) to classic (salt-water taffy, hot dog, funnel cake…), it’s all here and all delicious.

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Take Caltrain south to the San Jose Diridon Station. Then take the Santa Cruz Metro Bus 17 to  the Santa Cruz Metro Center, and it’s a short walk to the boardwalk.

Photos: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk