Good Neighbors: Wise Sons Deli Picks Six Favorite Restaurants Near SF

The pop-up known widely as Wise Sons Deli is preparing to unveil its new permanent home on a mural-and-tree-lined street in the Mission next month. The restaurant, opening in the vicinity of a taqueria, a Nicaraguan joint, and a Thai place called Chilli Cha Cha, will finally be able to offer seated brunch any day of the week to up to 40 devout patrons of pastrami on rye.

On a summery January afternoon, we took BART to 24th for a look at the bright space and a visit with Wise Sons owner and resident bread baker Leo Beckerman. When he’s not busy setting up shop, planning for a rooftop beehive, and spreading love on a bagel, Leo is enjoying a delicious, inexpensive meal in a hush-hush spot near San Francisco.

Here are six locations that inspire Leo—and his better halves, co-owner Evan Bloom and business partner Joe Wolf—to travel for food outside the Mission.

1. Dong Bei Mama | 4737 Geary Blvd. | 415.221.4278
What to order: “Braised beef tendon ($18) and Fish fillet a la Szechuan ($10)”

2. Rick and Ann’s | 2922 Domingo Ave. | 510.649.8538 |
What to order:
“This place has the best breakfast. Try the red flannel hash ($10), which comes with eggs any style and something freshly baked.”

3. Green Papaya Deli | 207 International Blvd. | 510.836.5337
Lake Merritt
What to order:
“The Thai-Laotian food is tailored to what you want. The owner will take care of you; you don’t need a menu. Everything is under $10. Order the spicy Lao sausage, papaya salad, and rice crispy sour pork.”

4. Cheeseboard | 1504/1512 Shattuck Ave. | 510.549.3183 | Read offmetro’s review
Where: Berkeley
What to order:
“It’s always good and they serve only one kind of pizza per day. So no choices!”

5. The Apple Farm | 18501 Greenwood Road | 707.895.2333 |
What to order: “There are these little cottages and it is super romantic. Try a cooking class.” -Joe

6. Ram’s Gate Winery | 28700 Arnold Dr. | 707.721.8700 |
What to order: “Ram’s Gate is a beautiful place. They have a delicious cheese plate.” -Evan

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