Feel Good Food: Dine with a Purpose at the Sustain Supper Series

Sometimes it’s hard to feel truly good about what you eat, but the Homeless Garden Project’s Sustain Supper Series makes it easy—and delicious—to feel good about your meal on so many levels.

First, each supper will feature not only a tantalizing meal of farm-fresh (as in, the harvest of the day in question), organic dishes prepared by acclaimed chefs, but also a talk about sustainability and good eating by a pioneer in that field. All will be paired with live music and good company, and the proceeds will go to support Homeless Garden Project and its myriad innovative programs.

The suppers take place at Natural Bridges Farm in Santa Cruz, from 4-7:30 p.m. Saturday August 22 will feature a talk by Deborah Madison, who worked with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse before founding Greens Restaurant, with supper by chefs John Paul Lechtenberg (Hollins House) and Brad Briske (la Balena). The September 19 supper includes a talk by Catherine Sneed, with surprise chefs.

Tickets start at $125 for the dinner, with VIP packages available. Come out early to make a day (or weekend) of it in the seaside wonderland that is Santa Cruz.