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A Slow-Cooked, Car-Free Adventure: Things to Do in Columbia, South Carolina

It may be a cliché to say that the South is a hospitable place, but truth bears repeating. In Columbia, South Carolina you will find an intoxicating mix of old-world charm and a vibrant cultural scene. Urban pleasures thrive here, and its riverfront location provides appealing recreational choices. Just steps from the State Capital complex lies a pristine natural world that feels miles away from civilization. While better-known Southern cities

surfing in oahu
Eco Travel Adventures on the Island of Oahu

From Honolulu’s budget-friendly island-wide bus system to the Oahu natives’ efforts to keep Hawaii’s landscape lush and protected, visitors to the islands will discover the beauty and benefits of an environmentally-aware vacation. Here are three eco outdoor activities in Oahu to help you explore the many elements of Hawaiian culture that are deeply-rooted in nature

St. Regis Deer Valley
A Winter Green Getaway: What to Do in Park City, Utah

When the temperature drops and daylight disappears in a blink, it’s all the more reason to head to Park City, Utah. The  destination with “the greatest snow on earth” replaces Manhattan’s gray skyscrapers and dirty slush with soaring vistas, pure mountain air and an eclectic range of local eco-luxury haunts. Park City has transformed from a 19th century silver mining town to a premier winter playground that attracts everyone from

home exchange’s Ed Kushins on Living Like a Global Local

At 7:00 a.m. on the West Coast, Ed Kushins is talking about what he knows best: the art of home exchanging. He speaks with a glass-half-full kind of voice and you can tell he’s a guy you’d be happy to sit next to on a 14-hour flight to Mumbai. But that’s not where he’s headed next

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Things to Do in San Antonio: Southwest City With a Bright Green Future

Ah, Texas. Your name conjures visions of cowboy hats, twangs of country music, and tastes of barbecue (with a hint of cilantro). But as a general rule it does not glow in big green letters. Not, that is, until you meet San Antonio. This vibrant southwest city is high-kicking its way into a green future, all while holding tight to its fascinating roots. Texas’s second largest city somehow manages a

Eco Travel: 10 Hotels Around the World Plant Trees For Guests

In my latest article for the Huffington Post, I tackle the subject of trees. Not climbing them or hugging them, but growing them while on vacation. As I’ve learned from having stayed in at least one hotel every month for the past three years, it’s easy to put a little piece of paper next to the bed or stack of rolled towels and talk about not laundering things for the

Norway in a Nut Shell Tour: A Mother-Daughter Adventure

Norway has always been a nature-loving country, making it a prime eco-tourism destination. I recently took a trip to visit relatives and recreate some childhood memories. The last time I had been to the land of midnight sun was in the ‘80s, back when Pan Am was still in operation and the kroner was starting to gain strength, as it continues to do (prepare to spend $9 on an ice