The Best Eco Destinations in the Bay

Here are the best green Bay Area destinations oM has discovered this year.

Best Natural Habitat for Art: diRosa Preserve | Napa
Peacocks roam among the artwork at this 217-acre nature preserve and estate, brainchild of eco-crusader and lovable eccentric Rene di Rosa.

Best Place to Hit the Open Road: China Camp State Park | San Rafael
It’s got history, it’s got views, and it’s got great trails for bikers of every level. Oh, there’s a beach too.

Best Place to Play Darwin: Farallon Islands | San Francisco Bay
Find out why they’re called “California’s Galapagos.”

Most Delicious Secret Society: Paladar Temescal | Location Varies
It’s the speakeasy of the digital age. This underground Oakland supper club is all about quirky themes, farmers’ market finds, ever-changing locations and, of course, secret passwords.

Best Place to Salvage (and Forage): Alameda Point Antiques Faire Alameda
It’s true that one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. And this monthly antiques fair at the Alameda Point Naval Air Station makes a great place to shop, er, rescue great vintage finds.

Best Edge of the World Retreat: River’s End | Jenner-by-the-Sea
The only bummer about there being no cell service in the cabins or restaurant at River’s End is that all that bragging about magnificent views and tasty local eats will have to wait until you’re back home.

Coolest General Store. Ever: Pop-Up General Store | Oakland
It only comes around once in a while, which makes it all the more intriguing. But the best thing about this irregularly regular grocery is the elite fleet of Bay Area chefs it brings together under one roof—and the delectable array of artisanal eats they offer.

Most Magically (and Consciously) Planted Vineyard: Kuleto Estate Napa
Restaurateur Pat Kuleto carefully mapped out every inch of this majestic estate, considering not only beauty but the best position for each vine. The result will wow.

Photo: River’s End