Adventure Weekend Getaways

Big Bear
Affordable Family Fun: Things to Do in Big Bear

From high above the clouds of L.A. at 7,000 feet, the mountains of San Bernardino offer multitudinous pleasures for families, thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. With fall temperatures averaging about 70 degrees and tapering off to a pleasant evening chill, Big Bear is a terrific place to escape for to pine trees, simple pleasures and the eponymous, very blue, lake. If this small mountain town were a perfume, it would [&hellip

yoga retreats near san francisco
Just Say oM: Seven Yoga Retreats Near San Francisco

With our hectic, always-on-the-run lives, sometimes we just need a few days to step outside, relax, and rejuvenate. Enter the yoga retreat, a perfect way to get away, recharge, and become mindful. Here, seven restorative yoga retreats near San Francisco.  

dog-friendly healdsburg
7 Pet-Friendly Getaways From San Francisco

You were not going to be one of those pet owners, but this little lump of fur is so cute. It started simply with organic rawhide chews, then a down dog bed, and there was the cable-knit sweater for all those windy late-night walks… Now, to avoid separation anxiety (for yourself as well as Fido), you’ve moved on to pet-friendly getaways. But with all the allergies and phobias people have added [&hellip

Weekend Getaway: Wellness Retreat at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

In the silence of your presence, carry me away. In the silence of your presence, carry me away… We are seated in a circle, singing kirtan. The soothing voices knit together, easy crooning call and lilting group response harmonizing, down to a hush and then back up to impassioned prayer.  I sit—knees crossed, eyes closed, belting out without the least bit of self-consciousness about my off-key voice or the awkwardness of [&hellip

Weekend Getaway: Long Beach, Biking Capital of the West

Long Beach is a city of half a million residents located on the southern fringe of Los Angeles County. It’s a busy port with a laid-back vibe that is pure California coast. Long Beach welcomes visitors whose preferred mode of exploration is cycling like few others. This two-wheeled utopia’s hidden charms, urban flair and beach town friendliness are best explored from the perch of a bicycle. Pedal-Friendly Initiatives With 345 [&hellip

go biking in carlsbad
Weekend Getaway: The Top 10 Carlsbad Attractions

Despite the name, there are many good-for-you experiences to be had in Carlsbad. United Airlines offers nonstop flights from San Francisco that can get you to San Diego International Airport—about 30 minutes from Carlsbad—in about an hour and a half. Here are some suggestions to help you have a healthy and happy vacation that’s good for you, the community and the environment. 1. Stay at West Inn & Suites (especially [&hellip

San Diego Zoo
Weekend Getaway: Cool Things to Do in San Diego

Even in a state enviable for a laid-back culture and countless natural and culinary assets, San Diego is a place apart. The sprawling, sun-drenched city has a paradisaical feel, with a number of attractions (including zoos and beaches) that often rank among the very top in the nation. Indeed, California’s southernmost city offers so much it would be impossible to see it all in one weekend, but we’ve outlined the nuts and [&hellip

Cavallo Point
Weekend Getaway: Romantic Sausalito

About 15 years ago, I got a job in Sausalito. Within days, I was eating my lunch on the bay-front rocks while the egrets and pelicans dined on theirs 40 feet away in the San Francisco Bay. I weaved my way through tourists and window shoppers, all of us giddy with the Northern California sun in January. I met the locals in bars and restaurants on Bridgeway. We talked crystal [&hellip

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