Napa Valley

Greystone in Napa
Weekend Getaway: A Foodie’s Guide to Affordable Napa Valley

Romantic, adventurous, therapeutic, culinary—there are countless ways to undertake a visit to this beautiful, budget-busting wine region. Yet on a recent rail road trip, we discovered there are plenty of ways for foodie travelers to enjoy an affordable Napa Valley getaway. 

photography spots
Top 10 Photography Spots in the Bay Area

Carrying around our smart phones all day long likely means we’ve got lots of good and trashable photos eating up megabytes. Whether you’re an instagrammer or Nikon junkie, isn’t it about time you got inspired to print out and frame a beautiful image? From a Frank Lloyd Wright House to a Japanese Garden to a Tuscan-style vineyard, enjoy a visit to one of these top 10 photography spots in the [&hellip

10 Best San Francisco Bay Area Bike Rental Shops

You don’t have to shell out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for a flashy bike worthy of the Tour de France in order to enjoy all of the beautiful trails that the Bay Area has to offer. Choose to be eco-friendly and paycheck-friendly by checking out one of our top 10 bike rental shops in the Bay Area. 1. Blazing Saddles | 2715 Hyde Street | San Francisco Boasting [&hellip

napa by bike
Five Best Bike Getaways Near San Francisco

We recently wrote about our favorite 10-mile bike rides in the Bay Area. While we’re fond of fun quick spins around San Francisco now and then, there’s something so rewarding about a long scenic ride, especially one that leads to an exciting overnight destination instead of your front door. Here are our picks for the five best bike vacations near San Francisco. Ride: Avenue of the Giants | Humboldt Redwoods State Park Road: [&hellip

half moon bay
10 Best Bay Area Views

We live in one of the most photographed cities in the world, but city dwellers have a tendency to forget the unparalleled, natural beauty sitting just outside the man-made structures of San Fran proper. Remind yourself why your East Coast friends are jealous of your Nor Cal life by taking a good, long look at it. Escape the city to visit national parks, restaurants, and vineyards for spectacular views of [&hellip

10 Best Places to See a Concert in the Bay Area

Yes, San Francisco is famed for its music scene, but there are many great spots—from intimate jazz joints to massive amphitheaters—beyond the city’s hipster hangouts, underground dives, and famed concert halls. From Berkeley to Oakland to Napa and beyond, here are our top 10 picks for the best places to see a concert in the Bay Area. 1. Music with a View: The Greek | 1815 4th Street | Berkeley Don’t let the fact that [&hellip

di rosa preserve
Amtrak Getaways: Things to Do in Downtown Napa

The word “Napa” conjures images of delicate grapevines in neat little rows, whiffs of “cherry layered with tobacco and a spicy accent,” the magical sensation that overcomes the whole body when a crisp, fruit-forward white is paired with a friendly sun and just a hint of a breeze… Yes, the valley’s famed wines are worth experiencing many times over. But they aren’t all of Napa. Not even close. It’s true [&hellip

Biking Napa Valley
Weekend Getaway: Explore Napa Valley Without a Car

Fifty miles north of San Francisco, the Napa Valley is North America’s greatest lure for wine snobs, and with vineyard tours gaining popularity across the country, it’s increasingly a must-do activity for any vine-loving visitor to northern California. From guided bike tours to an “I Left My Car in San Francisco” hotel package, getting around the valley without a car has never been easier or more affordable. And just imagine, [&hellip

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