Day Trips

Sometimes all you need is a short but sweet escape and a few moments with a sea otter pup to feel like new again. Here you will find some of the best day trips near San Francisco.

vasona lake
Day Trip: Things to Do in Vasona Park, Los Gatos

The land that is now Vasona Park in Los Gatos has a long history. In the 19th century, Jose Hernandez and Sebastian Peralta built one of the South Bay’s first homes here. Later, the Southern Pacific Coast Railroad ran along what is now the park’s western edge. The park derives its name from a stop called Vasona Junction (which, incidentally, is said to have been named for the favorite childhood pony of [&hellip

Day Trip: Pie Ranch in Pescadero

A surfboard hangs outside one of the barns at Pie Ranch, and rightfully so—this 14-acre, pie-slice-shaped farm resides just five minutes from the coast. Whether or not the hardworking farmers and staff here find time (in between farming, youth outreach programs, potlucks, and barn dances) to use said surfboard is another question altogether. Either way, the juxtaposition of rugged California coastline to one side of the Camarillo Highway and verdant ranch [&hellip

biking mt. diablo
The Best Bay Area Mountains for Cycling

Guest Post by Alt. ride. Alt. is an initiative of the Bay Area Open Space Council and Transit and Trails. Sponsors include CLIF Bar, Coastal Conservancy, and Peninsula Open Space Trust, with media sponsorship from offMetro SF and others. Transit and Trails helps you find, plan and share your outdoor adventures and loves the idea of going outside without a car. The Bay Area is home to many peaks. There are, of course, San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, which rise to [&hellip

safari west
Top 8 “Wild” Bay Area Adventures

Sometimes the Discovery Channel just isn’t enough. Sometimes you want to get down on the farm. And sometimes you just want to go wild. Whether you’re hankering to hang with massive elephant seals, pet a rhino or ride a horse, you’ll find it all and more in our picks for the best “wild” bay area adventures. 1. Safari West Adventures | 3115 Porter Creek Road | Santa Rosa Here’s a little bit [&hellip

Elephant Seal at Ano Nuevo State Reserve
Day Trip: Año Nuevo State Park

When it comes to nature’s beasts, you don’t get much more fascinating than the elephant seal. These incredible creatures are massive (males stretch from 14 to 16 feet long and weigh up to 2 .5 tons), mean (during mating season, bulls establish dominance through violent battles), and were hunted for their oil and nearly wiped out until protected in 1922. Each year they enact their intense mating rituals at a rocky [&hellip

Off the Ferry: 8 Things to Do in Sausalito

One of our favorite quick escapes from San Francisco is to the quaint seaside town of Sausalito, with its fountain-filled parks, charming souvenir stores, open cafes and magnificent Bay views. Sausalito is delightfully small and at the same time engaging enough to keep one occupied the whole day. Here, eight tips for things to do in Sausalito. 1. Geek out over the new and used tomes at Habitat Books (803 Bridgeway Boulevard, 2. Grab a [&hellip

Adventure Cat
Day Trip: Adventure Cat Sailing in the Bay

On a recent sunny afternoon, I picked my way through the hustle and bustle of Pier 39 to Dock J, where a small Adventure Cat catamaran waited to transport me (literally and figuratively) far away from the tourist crowds and into calm Bay waters. Before sailing out, our young, big-bearded, and jovial Captain Hans emphasized that there would be no “cheesy” spiels on this sail. Then he urged his passengers to sit back [&hellip

The Best Eco Destinations in the Bay

Here are the best green Bay Area destinations oM has discovered this year. Best Natural Habitat for Art: diRosa Preserve | Napa Peacocks roam among the artwork at this 217-acre nature preserve and estate, brainchild of eco-crusader and lovable eccentric Rene di Rosa. Best Place to Hit the Open Road: China Camp State Park | San Rafael It’s got history, it’s got views, and it’s got great trails for bikers of every level. Oh, [&hellip

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