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Weekend Getaways

San Diego

If you’re searching for a weekend getaway, San Diego packs a big vacation punch. Thanks to a range of public transportation options, it’s an excellent choice if you’re considering a car-free getaway. I spent a recent weekend luxuriating at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. If you think big brand hotels are all cookie cutter, prepare to have your mind changed. This sleek property is a trendsetter when it comes to [&hellip


Santa Monica epitomizes Southern California’s sun-kissed lifestyle. Miles of sandy beaches, fabulous people watching and celebrity sightings are catnip for those in need of an infusion of glamour. For visitors who embrace a car-free travel ethos, Santa Monica is the antithesis of the stereotypical image of Los Angeles as a car-crazed culture. A robust cycling community, extensive public transportation and pedestrian-only shopping streets make it easy to explore without a [&hellip

michael-mcfadden-17 (2)

Every year, the New York Times fuels our wanderlust with its annual list of places to visit. In addition to the far-flung and exotic, this year’s 52 Places to Visit in 2016 touts our very own East Bay for its culinary wonders, vibrant art, and urban wineries. In honor of the East Bay making the NYT “big list,” we decided to create our very own (and much smaller) list of places to visit in [&hellip

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Day Trips


Humans have been enjoying wine for centuries, and now the San Francisco Wine School is offering an opportunity to learn about (and taste) some truly vintage vintages. Merging academic study of wine history with an exploration of wine’s place in today’s society, The Cradle of Wine Civilization will be nirvana for any self-respecting wine geek. Archaeologists, academics, and wine makers all come together to discuss and offer guided tastings of wines [&hellip


Attention Julia Childs and Martha Stewart: Here’s your chance to learn how to create your own fancy dinner, and (shhh!) it’s easier than it seems. Quail Hollow Kitchens’ Easy and Elegant Foods Class, ($85) which takes place August 28 from 6:30 -9  p.m., will show you just how easy. At this beautiful property in the Santa Cruz mountains, you’ll learn to elevate your homemade meals with easy-to-prepare dishes that exude the [&hellip


Sometimes it’s hard to feel truly good about what you eat, but the Homeless Garden Project’s Sustain Supper Series makes it easy—and delicious—to feel good about your meal on so many levels. First, each supper will feature not only a tantalizing meal of farm-fresh (as in, the harvest of the day in question), organic dishes prepared by acclaimed chefs, but also a talk about sustainability and good eating by a pioneer in [&hellip

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Get Off Here

oakland book fest

From Jack London to Gertrude Stein, Oakland has long been a home and haven literary greats. And now there is a festival to celebrate Oakland’s literary past and present. “Dedicated to books, ideas, and the pleasures of literacy, ” the first annual Oakland Book Festival (Sunday, May 31, 2015) features panels and discussions on everything from “Lost Utopias” and “The Genius of the Metropolis” to sex, faith, and social justice. [&hellip

398 Restaurant

It’s nice to come across a hotel now and then that is so clearly not just for travelers. If you happen to visit the 13-story building at 386 Geary Street (and enter through the unmarked side door on Mason), you’ll find this to be true of Hotel G. Up a few flights of stairs, there’s a dimly lit bar called “Benjamin Cooper,” which on a Friday night is full of [&hellip

ac transit double decker bus

Good news transit lovers: For the next three weeks, AC Transit will be testing out new double-decker buses on select routes. This is exciting for a number of reasons. It means ridership is growing, and the new buses promise comforts such as foot rests and panoramic views. Most exciting, however, is that you can ride free on all the test routes—which include several transbay and local lines—now through March 15. Each [&hellip

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Good Neighbors


In case you missed the memo, we at oM love bikes. We like taking bike rides and bike getaways, but we also like biking around town, for errands and everyday life. But how does one balance biking attire with fashionable attire? For that, there is Bike Pretty, a site devoted to chic cycling. We caught up with Melissa Davies, founder and editor of Bike Pretty, to talk bike babes, gold [&hellip

local butcher shop

  Leave it to Berkeley to have a meat shop so good, even vegetarians flock to it. Of course, it takes a duo like Monica and Aaron Rocchino— gurus in the culinary field, with experience in top restaurants like Chez Panisse and Oliveto— to make it happen. Their inspiration to bring five-star, sustainably raised meat to kitchens in their community came to fruition in The Local Butcher Shop, and we can’t [&hellip

urban hiker

Those steep staircases carved in the hillsides throughout San Francisco may seem somewhat daunting, but wonders await the courageous who huff it to the top. In addition to many a stairway to heaven, San Francisco’s 49 square miles are also home to hidden eucalyptus groves, spiraling lanes (that aren’t named Lombard), and moving artwork (that isn’t those hearts in Union Square). A great opportunity to get away without ever leaving [&hellip

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