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Weekend Getaways

things to do in pismo beach

With a few rough edges and a lot of homespun charm, Pismo is the quintessential beach town. It’s laid-back and unassuming, much like the people who call it home. There’s certainly something about the combination of 310 sunny days year, etched mountains, moody beaches, and a cornucopia of fresh, local foods that makes stress a foreign concept. Whether you lounge in the sun’s golden glow or adventure in the surrounding nature, [&hellip

resolution solutions

At the end of December, Details reported that one in three people who make New Year’s resolutions ditch those resolutions by the end of January. Ah, the best laid plans… As we all know, in the excitement that is the welcoming of a new year, it’s easy to vow to better our lives—it’s keeping those vows that is the exhausting part. Sometimes, though, a little motivation can help give commitment and ambition [&hellip

Marin Headlands

The team at offMetro SF is still sighing over the gorgeous photos submitted to the Go offMetro SF Photo Contest. It seemed every shot was better than the next, so we truly struggled to narrow things down. Fortunately, we had the help of some fabulous celebrity judges, all seasoned wanderers, discerning tastemakers, and Bay Area experts. In addition to adding their own personal brand of expertise and flair to the [&hellip

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Day Trips

hiking near Moraga

For a quick city break, head to the hills beyond Oakland for great food, views, a game of Frolf and the promise of peace and quiet in Moraga, an under-the-radar retreat worth a day away from it all

truett hurst winery

Martin Luther could not have been more right when he said, “Beer is made by men, wine by God.” And Sonoma County has no shortage of great wines.  oM caught up with Nancy Burgner of Touring and Tasting and asked the expert to spill the beans on some of her favorite wine experiences in Sonoma County. HKG Estate Wines | 6050 Westside Road|(707) 433-6491 Where: Healdsburg What to Try: Enjoy one of [&hellip

Brotzeit Lokal

If you live in San Francisco, you’ve likely stared out across the water and wondered what people are up to in the East Bay. Well, they’re building a craft beer empire. The tradition of brewing began soon after the introduction of grain farming, as our ambitious ancestors quickly came to recognize what we now know for certain—that beer is comfort, beer is community, and perhaps most importantly, beer is delicious. [&hellip

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Get Off Here

things to do in santa clara

Although it’s best known as a base for tech companies and the future home of the San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara is a destination in its own right. You may not think to visit it, but that’s exactly why you should. The seat of the state’s oldest college and the first northern California mission offers many surprises a short cab or bike ride away from the Caltrain Station. Here are [&hellip

xanh 2

Fixed in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Mountain View has modernized along with the tech boom surrounding it, but still manages to maintain the classic, laid-back California feel. That the action is centered on one main drag, Castro Street, enhances the small-town vibe. The happening drag is lined with restaurants and bars, plus an impressive amount of bookstores and a few quirky sights throughout in. Here, seven things to [&hellip

tacos fruitvale

Sure, it may not give you that post-vacation glow, but the East Bay serves up a whole buffet of food trucks to satisfy your south-of-the-border cravings, the local way. In fact, International Boulevard in Oakland’s Fruitvale district has become the street devoted to Mexican street food. Trucks do what’s become known as the “Comida Corridor,” and the throngs line up for authentic (and cheap) eats. The real trick to unraveling [&hellip

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Good Neighbors


In case you missed the memo, we at oM love bikes. We like taking bike rides and bike getaways, but we also like biking around town, for errands and everyday life. But how does one balance biking attire with fashionable attire? For that, there is Bike Pretty, a site devoted to chic cycling. We caught up with Melissa Davies, founder and editor of Bike Pretty, to talk bike babes, gold [&hellip

local butcher shop

  Leave it to Berkeley to have a meat shop so good, even vegetarians flock to it. Of course, it takes a duo like Monica and Aaron Rocchino— gurus in the culinary field, with experience in top restaurants like Chez Panisse and Oliveto— to make it happen. Their inspiration to bring five-star, sustainably raised meat to kitchens in their community came to fruition in The Local Butcher Shop, and we can’t [&hellip

urban hiker

Those steep staircases carved in the hillsides throughout San Francisco may seem somewhat daunting, but wonders await the courageous who huff it to the top. In addition to many a stairway to heaven, San Francisco’s 49 square miles are also home to hidden eucalyptus groves, spiraling lanes (that aren’t named Lombard), and moving artwork (that isn’t those hearts in Union Square). A great opportunity to get away without ever leaving [&hellip

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