Megabus Launches New Route From NYC to Providence


Great things await travel in our future: jetpacks, floating walkways, miles long pneumatic tubes—all prophesied by the futurists at Hanna-Barbera—but what about the near future? In what ways can intercity travel become more convenient and efficient for us today? It’s a question we’ve asked and answered. It’s the bus.

More to the point, it’s Megabus. The Chicago-based company launched in 2006 as a subsidiary of Coach USA, and has since put itself at the vanguard of high-quality, low-cost city-to-city travel, servicing 19 Midwest and 14 Northeast cities in the United States. Later this summer, Megabus will introduce a new bus from New York City to Providence.

After the jump, learn about their big incentive for visiting the Creative Capital of Rhode Island.

On August 25, Megabus will give away 1,000 seats with the promo code LUVPROV. Accompanying your free ride will be free Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, reclining seats, and the comforting knowledge that your chosen mode of transport is serious about minimizing its carbon footprint.

“We have a safe and reliable service. Our 81 passenger Double Decker buses are the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the US,” relates Mr. Dale Moser, president and COO of Coach USA. It’s an impressive claim backed by fact. The Megabus Double Decker uses 25% less fuel per passenger mile than the average car, and gives off 10 times less CO2.

In other words, it’s efficient. That’s a word travelers stuck in airports, or watching digits roll at the gas pump, will profoundly appreciate. As will you on your next three day weekend getaway.

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  • Mkt84

    can we take mega bus from Prov to N.Y.?

  • Lauren

    Hi–Yes! You can take Megabus from Fountain St. between Union St and Eddy St. in Providence to NYC.

  • guys,

    great news that Megabus Launches New Route From NYC to Providence.

    Thanks for this great news.

  • I took the Mega bus on May 7th 2011 from Providence to NYC .. it was the best ride I had .. I liked it because there were no stops, the bus made good time and both drivers were friendly and helpful and the bus leaves you off in a good location.

    I would like to again take the mega bus in September, 2011.
    I will likely be traveling with another person and would need to purchase each, a round trip ticket to NY. However; I will be meeting up with two other people in NY. When I order my two tickets to take me from Providence to NYC and the two tickets that I would need for my other guests .. would I be able to buy our round trip tickets as well as their one way ticket as well as their ticket to get home all together at the same time? I do not know the date in September that I would be traveling, but as I was told, the earlier you buy the tickets, the better rate. Also, I am hoping that there be room coming from NY to accommodate the two guests who did not originally travel with me from Providence. In essence, I would need to purchase 8 tickets total, two from Prov to NY .. and the other two from NY to Providence and the two for my guests to get back to NY.
    Hopefully there will be room for all of us to return to Providence. As I noted, when we came back by the mega bus on Saturday, May 7th, there was plenty of room on the lower level.
    Thank you and I would appreciate hearing from you.


  • Nickslvst9

    i can imagine how nice of a ride the bus would be to new york station from where ever your coming from.  nicholas silvestre

  • Soldiers4YeshuaMinistyNC

    how much did the bus cost round trip

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